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"Wanted to say thanks and give a bit of feedback on the Alchemist 90 pickups. I've just stuck a pair into my Tele to get more of a clear, single-coil tone (replacing a pair of humbuckers) and the results are great. Both at bedroom levels and full band gig/practice volumes they are sounding spot on, really cutting through with a ringing bell-like tone on the cleans and also some nice bite for overdriven sounds. This is the second set of IronGear pickups I've had from you (the first being a pair of Blues Engines PAF style humbuckers, which are also great) and its got to the point where I won't bother shopping around anymore when looking for pickups. For a bit of balance, I have some Bare Knuckle PAFs (over 200 for the pair) in another guitar these are really nice pickups but the IronGear stuff more than stacks up against them but for a fraction of the price." Jon, Macclesfield

"My latest upgrade was the Alchemist 90 pickups, and now installed on my Hagstrom Swede Tremar. I always thought the humbuckers on this guitar were a little dull and lifeless, so I thought I'd give the Alchemists a try to give it some character. WOW what a difference, the guitar sounds great, with much more clarity and definition on both chords and single notes. Clean or dirty the Alchemist 90s sound fantastic." Dave, Aberdeen

"Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I've successfully installed the Alchemist 90s with the wiring kit you supplied into my old Strat copy! What a difference a set of pickups make!!! The sound from the Alchemists is just fantastic- great clean, even better dirty!! I've installed the neck the wrong way round to get an out of phase sound when used together, which gives a sound I'd dreamed about! Awesome! Thank you for such a quality pickup! The only problem is now I'm going to have to save up to replace the Seymour Duncan Invaders in my SG with a pair of Blues Engines! Again, many thanks Dave, Newark

"We installed the Alchemist 90 yesterday and there were no problems whatsoever. To say Im chuffed to bits with the sound would be the understatement of the year! It has made my Strat look unique as well, but the best thing is how well it works with the other two single-coils I bought off you. My brother reckons the Alchemist is even better, and certainly more "musical"-sounding than his Bare Knuckle P90. He can't believe the price I paid for mine either, as his was nearly 90 Quid! So congrats again on supplying us hard-working semi-pro musicians with such wonderful pickups!" Jonathan, Belfast

"Thank you for the quick delivery of my order, I have fitted the Pickups (Neck & middle Pig Iron and an Alchemist 90) to an Old Sunn Mustang Strat copy (I have replaced the original Bridge Humbucker with the Alchemist) a bit of an unusual setup! What a difference in sound! I did expect an improvement but the change is remarkable, all the classic Strat sounds are there plus that extra "something" that P90s seem to have. The Electric kit was first rate too! I would no hesitation in recommending your pickups. By the way the strings are pretty good too!" John, Hull

"I am always fairly sceptical about reading reviews of products, but the comments left about your pickups are right. I replaced the humbucker in my poor old first guitar, a 75 Strat copy, with an Alchemist 90, and the tone has changed dramatically. I am very impressed with the response and punch this pickup offers, and it fits in nicely with the other single coils. It sounds fantastic, and completely within my budget. Keep up the good work! Thanks." - Ben, Birmingham

"I enjoy playing with tone, and in the 2 years I've been playing I've tried many different methods of altering my tone, and decided to take the next step and buy myself some new pickups. The first thing I noticed about IronGear pickups is the price. Wow, far cheaper than any other pickup brand I have seen, and the quality of them is amazing. I fitted them into a cheap Les Paul copy which cost about 100. The Alchemist 90 delivers exactly what I was looking for in tone, and is a massive improvement over the stock pickups. I raised them closer to the strings to take advantage of a brighter and more punchy sound. Many thanks for satisfying my hunger for tone!" - Adam, Birmingham

"Just wanted to drop you a note saying that I got my Alchemist 90 pair in today and they kick posterior! Had previously tried pups costing almost four times as much and they are nothing compared to the IronGears. You'll be getting some more of my money soon." - Fraser Burns, Uddingston

"I've rewired my Epiphone Les Paul and replaced the stock pickups, which I found muddy, for a Blues Engine Bridge and an Alchemist 90 neck. Once I got the wiring correct and plugged in I was bowled over with the tone of the Blues Engine and then fell immediately in love with the Alchemist 90. They combine really well and make the Les Paul a much more versatile guitar. I've only been messing around for a few days but am very impressed and have found the middle setting great too. I used the Axetec pots, caps and wire and have noticed a massive improvement in tone settings, giving much more choice when turning the dials compared to the cheap Korean wiring harness. Thanks again." - David Bristow, Morecambe UK

"I bought these pickups (Alchemist 90 set) a few months ago to replace the humbuckers in a Jazzmaster modern player. It was always my plan to replace the humbuckers with a good quality P90 and it has totally transformed this guitar. The bridge pickup has loads of bite, and the neck is beautifully sweet. Both sound great with overdrive. The sound is so usable, from a great clean with unbelievable tone and harmonics, to a nicely rounded drive. This has quickly become my favourite guitar and I've had lots. Its my main gigging guitar, and every time I play I get compliments on my sound with people telling me that guitar sings. Normally other guitarists want to know what it is and what pickups I have in there. The best thing is the quality of these pickups for the price paid. If I ever need pickups in the future I'm definitely going straight to IronGear." - David Bonner, Hertfordshire

"I recently took delivery of the Alchemist 90 and Steel Foundry pickups for an old Squier Fat Tele which I loved the feel of, but it never really had "that" sound. Suffice to say, it sounds amazing now. The old bridge pickup sounded mediocre, but the Steel Foundry sounds more Tele than ever, bright and cutting and super-twangy. The Alchemist in the neck sounds juicy, fat and mellow, but with enough treble to not be overpowered by the bridge in the mix. These pickups have transformed this guitar from one I wanted to like to one I unreservedly love. I'm now planning on trying out some of your products on my Epiphone Les Paul!" - Paul Wilson, Edinburgh

"Stripped out a Hagstrom Swede and had the bridge Alchemist P90 pick up installed by Chris from  Essex Guitar Services (who not only recommended IronGear but deserves a shout out for his excellent service) for that melody maker feel. The stock pickups were fine but the Alchemist takes the guitar to another level. Rich, harmonic, responsive it just feels like velvet now but hard ass velvet! The other guitarist in my band has an LP gold top with the P90s. He can keep it. This is amazing, thanks!" - Adam Birtwistle, Rayleigh, Essex

"Just to let you know how pleased I am with the pair of Alchemist 90 pickups I've just fitted to my Hagstrom Super Swede to replace the original humbuckers. What a difference they've made to the guitar. The original clean sound through my Belcat Tube 20R was dense, muddy and unpleasant. Problem solved in style. The tone is now bright and full and I've lost none of the lower end richness. Overdriven the sound is superb and they look stunning on the guitar. I'll now set about renewing the electrical bit and bobs and taking the tone controls out of the wiring equation and see what that does. The Hagstrom now sounds as good as it looks and plays. Thanks you." - Ian Evans. Abergavenny (6/5/15)

"Wow, what a set of pickups! I am completely surprised by the value for money. I took a punt of the Alchemist 90s because I needed pick ups for a cheap guitar, however they have helped turn it in to a superb Guitar to play live. Fitted to a Strat type guitar, these pickups have bite, clarity and the standard amount of power. I have compared them to another brand, and they can easily complete against more expensive brands. Gigged with them for the first time last week, I received compliments about the sound. Also in the studio, these pickups are really versatile. Well done IronGear, I too am spreading the word! - Tom Clements, Gillingham, Dorset (22/6/15)

"I ordered the Dirty Torque + Alchemist 90 through Axetec. I have to say that I am very impressed. I have only had them in my guitar for about 3 hours and I am blown away. The Dirty Torque provides the power I need for high gain riffing while maintaining the clarity I need for full chords and the Alchemist 90 is an amazing pickup that just sings clean or dirty. I have seen other people reviewing these pickups saying they are great for the price. But the pickups are just great full stop. Easily as good if not better than their more expensive competitors! - Al Douglas, Glasgow (16/7/15)

"You guys do an excellent job with your pickups and I thought I should add my name to the list of people who are loving your products. I had a PRS copy with two good, vintage style humbuckers. But although they sounded powerful (compared to single coils), they were always too warm, dark and muddy for my taste - so I always ended up playing my strat. Then came along a pair of Alchemist 90s, providing a much meatier sound than single coils but with similar note clarity and pleasant treble. I can't compare with other humbucker-sized p90 style pickups but this is now my favourite sounding guitar (and I've had a few). " - Paul Huxley, Burgess Hill (11/11/15)

I just wanted to let you know the Alchemist 90s are a revelation in my old 89 LP Custom. The pickups have breathed new life and clarity in a guitar that has always suffered from being dark-sounding (regardless of a multitude of pickup configurations in the past), the dynamics and cut the Alchemists bring are wonderful. Keep up the awesome work as always (now to consider a pair for my 335.) - Gary Higgs, Whitehaven (28/11/15)
"Thanks for the quick delivery of my Alchemist 90 set. Fitted them today in my G&l ASAT deluxe. The coil split humbucker pickups in the ASAT are very good but I've recently bought another G&l (they are great guitars) so wanted to put some p90s into the Tele for a different sound. Hunted around and almost bought a second hand pair of Bare Knuckles but thought what the heck I'll give the IronGear ones a go as they were so reasonable and got great reviews. Wow, am I pleased with the results! The G&L is a great guitar and these Alchemist 90s suit it down to the ground. Plenty of punch and clang to them but also warm and not harsh like some p90s can be. Every note is really clear also. Great job guys. Recommended." - Jes Abbott, Deal (25/9/16)
38.45 inc. VAT
Worldwide Shipping via Axetec Ltd
Bridge = 50mm, Neck = 50mm
Nickel Silver
Length: 70 mm x Width: 38 mm x Height: 24 mm (including lugs)
Chrome or Gold Covers
500kOhm Pots, .047F Tone Capacitor(s)
Humbucker Sized Single Coil
2 Conductor
Bridge = 7.6kOhm, Neck = 5.3kOhm
Supplied complete with screws and springs
Pole Spacing:
Baseplate Material:
Recommended Components:
Magnet Type:
42 AWG enamel
Coil Wire:
The Alchemist 90 is an extremely flexible pickup. Excellent for Rock, Blues, Jazz and a firm favourite with guitarists wanting to get more clarity from guitars equipped with humbuckers.
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Single Coil P90 in Humbucker Format.

IronGear brings the classic P90 sound in a humbucker format pickup. All the full range single-coil clang that you expect from a P90 in a pickup with the exact dimensions of a standard humbucker!
The Alchemist 90 provides all the clarity and sparkle of a classic single coil pickup while retaining most of the warmth and depth of humbucker.
This pickup is for those guitarists who want to introduce something a little different to the common twin humbucker instrument. It's excellent for rock, blues or jazz and is particularly popular as a neck pickup when paired with the Rolling Mill in the bridge position. However, using a pair for bridge and neck works brilliantly as well!
We make the Alchemist 90 with chrome or gold covers.
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