Customer Feedback for the IronGear Steel Twin II
"I recently contacted you as I was interested in replacing my SD Hotrails bridge pup in my Tele with something a bit less sterile-sounding. I thought the Steel Twin-II looked like a decent candidate as it is probably the hottest SC pup out there for Teles. When you replied you SERIOUSLY undersold yourselves, just telling me that it was not hum cancelling and therefore not a direct replacement, which although is very true, simply does not do justice to this pup. This pickup is amazing! I ended up buying it on spec' alone as the price is so reasonable and I have been blown away. The bridge pickup is perfect for getting the power of a humbucker without losing the characteristics and flavour of a single coil. It is the perfect replacement for a rails pickup if you find those too sterile and has transformed my MiM Tele into a real bruiser but without killing the tone (like the SD hotrails pup I previously had on it) and by tapping it I can also still have the traditional standard Tele tone at the pull of a switch. I'm going to get the neck one too now as, despite being less than half the price, the ST II has blown away the Duncan HR it replaced. Great pup. I love it!" - Phil Woollett, Kent, England
"I've had all makes of pickups in the past but I'm totally impressed with IronGear. I put the Steel Twin II's in a cheap Tele copy to try and it sounds fantastic! These are so powerful yet have fantastic glassy treble that gives more clarity and bite than any other makes I've tried. I'll be putting these on ALL my guitars, and at a brilliant price. These pickups sound better than Bare Knuckle or SD, and at half the price. But the main thing is they have the sound I've been looking for. Amazing value for money!" - Steve, LEEDS Pink Floyd Trib: Diamon
"Hallo there! And all I have to say is that I have had my Steel Twin II (bridge) laying around for a while now. Yesterday I installed it on my half-scrappy “test Telecaster" (in a combo with a Iron Pig I also bought from you) just to try it out before I made up my mind what to do with’ em . It’s no longer a Telecaster - it’s a Hellcaster!!! Holy moses what a wonderful difference and I haven't been able to stop playing it yet - and my ears are “ringing" like crazy! WHAT? Yes, best buy in a long time if you want a hot Telecaster ? and if you don't – buy it anyway – and keep the switch on “coil 1" (You might change your mind). Amazing value for the kind of money you are charging! Thanks!" Ralph Hedstroem, Stavanger, Norway
"Just installed your Steel Twin 2 package into my Telecaster. Having been in the music business both as a musician and in the retail end of things for many years I feel that I am qualified to say that these pickups are both amazing quality and value for money. They certainly outshine a lot of the more expensive brands that I have experience of." - Harry Filmer, Bangor
"I have just fitted a Steel Twin II bridge pickup in my 2013 mn standard Tele . [I] decided to go for my JCM 800 2x12 combo for my initial impressions as it immediately highlights naff pickups/guitars . As soon as I plugged the Tele into the hi sensitivity input with the gain dimmed I thought yep , it's single coil alright by the unmistakable buzz . But I've got to say it was reasonably quiet for a single coil , the noise gate wasn't required . I hit a few power chords hard , WHAT THE F#>K how can this be ? More power , grunt , grit , punch , sustain and clarity than my other pro. Standard guitars that are loaded with Bareknuckle ( black dogs ), Seymour Duncan ( 59 and custom custom ) , Dimarzio ( 1978 , super distortions ) and Fujigen MMK45's ( to name a few ) I'm going to fit IronGear pickups in all my guitars now and sell the over priced big name ones , I might even make a few quid to boot . Keep up the good work IronGear." - Paul Males, Flitwick , Bedfordshire
Ł29.95 inc. VAT
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Specification & Product Details
Bridge = 53.5mm, Neck = 50mm
Bridge:Steel/Fibre, Neck: Fibre
Length: 73/78 mm x Width: 39/20 mm x Height: 19/18 mm (including base)
Bridge: Black, Neck: Chrome.
500kOhm Pots, .047µF Tone Capacitor(s)
Twin Single Coil for Telecaster®
3 Conductor
Bridge: 16.1kOhm, Neck: 11kOhm
AlNiCo V
Supplied complete with screws and springs
Pole Spacing:
Baseplate Material:
Recommended Components:
DC Resistance (Coils 1&2):
Magnet Type:
42/44 AWG enamel
Coil Wire:
The Steel Twin produces great rock tones, but with the facility to switch between high and low output coils on the bridge & neck pickups, provides a flexibility that opens up possibilities for a far wider range of musical styles.
Bridge: 7.5kOhm, Neck: 7.3kOhm
DC Resistance (Coil 1):
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Dual Coil Pickups for Telecaster®

The Steel Twin II, features dual coil pickups for bridge and neck positions. If you want to hot-rod your Tele®, then you won't find a better way to do it than with a pair of IronGear Steel Twins.
This pickup provides you with all of the clarity and finesse of the Steel Foundry standard pickup twined with the extra poke of the Steel Foundry Overwound all in one pickup!
The Steel Twin's two separate coils can be easily managed with a standard switched pot, and having the extra boost of the overwound coil at your fingertips is truly exhilarating!
Note that this is not a humbucker, or a "noiseless" pickup. It's a true single-coil in both low and high output modes and gives all of the clarity you'd expect from a Telecaster® pickup.
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