Customer Feedback for the IronGear Texas Loco
"Just to say "Great job!". These Texas Loco pickups are fab... Already got a set of your P90s and Blues Engines. I've got a (very expensive) set of hand-wound pickups in my Strat and am now seriously considering replacing with another set of these as they're SOOOOOO good. I normally find strats a bit "too clean", even on full but these have just the right amount of grit but clean up really well with the volume backed off a bit. I don't know what you're doing right but keep doing it... Your mojo is definitely working!" - Matt Fisher, Belgium
"I took the plunge to get a set of Texas Locos for my 'Clean/Blues' Strat - I pushed the boat out with your most expensive top of the range product at a mighty £75 for the set (in comparison with more like £150-200 for other 'British boutique pickups'). Phenomenal as expected – I'm currently dialling in my Axe Fx to conjure SRV sounds, Eric Johnson, Knopfler – it’s all there - amazing bite when distorted yet glassy clean when not. I'm so glad I didn't spend the extra on overrated hype. It’s made me pick up a Strat again and love every second - I will never buy another brand of pickup again - this is a bold statement as I have owned over 50 guitars and build custom axes every year. If anyone out there is hesitant about buying an IronGear then feel free to mail me and ill persuade you very quickly." – Jonathon, Exeter
"AWESOME just fitted a set of "Texas Loco" in my Korean Strat and it has turned it from a mediocre sounding lump into a thoroughbred that would give an MIA or MIM a run for the money. Every switch position has a unique tone unlike before where they all sounded nearly identical. Will be fitting a "Steel Twin set in my MIM Tele soon now as I'm so impressed with the Strat. I was dubious about these pickups before as the price was so reasonable and the only reviews were good (seemed to good to be true) but they really are that good. Get them you wont be disappointed!" - Steve Bradbury, Leicester
"I have just fitted a Texas Loco neck pick up into my Tennessee Strat and it has transformed the guitar into a thing of beauty! The lift that it gives is so clean and round that I cant wait for the next show to use it. Many thanks for such a fantastic product. I have used a few guitars over the past 40 years and this is by far the best sound I have had. Keep up with the R&D. It pays off." - John Quinn. The New Honeycombs.
"I recently bought your Texas Loco pups for my Mex Strat. Now I've been using it for a week or two I've just got to say they're brilliant. Not in a tidal wave kind of way, but subtle. Particularly at lower amp levels I find the richness and sweetness coming right out. And the sustain..fantastic! Best £74 I've spent in a long while." – Phill, Kendal
"This was my first pickup upgrade for my Squier Standards. I bought a Texas Loco neck pickup to try out and am not disappointed. Great clarity with that extra punch you expect from a 'Texas Blues' pickup. I was wary of buying IronGear products at such a low price but it has changed my opinion of just how affordable a great pickup can be. For anyone looking for a SRV tone, or just a little bit more grit in their pickups, I would highly suggest checking out IronGear Texas Locos. Great product and service. I will be back for more." - Richard Byers, Cumbria
"Guys, just wanted to thank you so much for such a good set of products. I modded a Squire Tele with your Steel Foundry set, and the difference was amazing. I was so impressed I bought a pair of Texas Loco's and a Hot Slag for my H-S-S Fender Strat. Again, it's really given the sound a huge lift, with much more bite, and high gain without losing the Strat dynamics. Great work, and thanks for not ripping us off !" – James, Surrey
"I (installed the) pickups in phase with The Mule at the bridge. Fantastic sounds, really, really "Stratty" if you know what I mean. Middle particularly great sounding on its own. Well done. Will definitely try your HB's in my Les Paul." – Greg, Wiltshire
"I recently bought a set of Texas Locos, installed them in my Strat and what a difference the sound is. Very present and warm, a lot more responsive than the standard set. You do not have to be an expert player to appreciate the excellent tone produced by these pickups" – Patrick, Gloucester.
"I'd just like to say how absolutely incredible the Texas Loco Strat p/ups are. Just fitted them to a classic 3 tone SB , MN Strat I've been building and they are awesome. It was either these or a set of Fender Vintage Noiseless that I've got - they're now up for sale on eBay! (seriously). Classic Strat tones with real bite and attack which is totally controllable." - Graham Smith, Wolverhampton (12/5/15)
"I have used your pickups before with great success (e.g. Hot Slag and Rolling Mill pair in a chambered guitar giving about the sweetest clean tone from a set of humbuckers I've ever heard), and this time a Strat needed the IronGear treatment. It wasn’t getting enough work because it didn’t fit the jobs at hand as well as something else. Wanted was a range of real classic Strat tones. The guitar started with Seymour Duncans in it, in this case rocky ones - JB Jnr in the bridge, Hot Stack middle & neck. This was all too rock oriented for what was wanted now. Clean wasn’t all that sweet, and the 2 and 4 positions lacked the classic “pop”. Which ones? Pig Iron maybe? Pig Iron Overwound? Well, looking at your notes on them, it really had to be the Texas Locos. The results? Predictably superb given my experience, but still surprised how excited it made us about playing the guitar! Something about them still exceeded our expectations. Ignoring the very low prices it’s great, add them into the equation and it feel like a steal! Sweet tones but still with bite might seem like a contradiction, but it’s not. Like a really good sugar coated sweet that has a sour tang to it, you feel like you are getting it all in one go! Include the fact that a small switch is fitted to the guitar to add the middle pickup to either the neck or bridge in a humbucker style wiring and the tonal range is quite staggering.” - Karn @ SussexGuitarRepair (16/6/15)
"I bought a set of Texas Locos for an old Squier Strat that I picked up dirt cheap, it plays really nicely so wanted it to sound better, fitted these pick ups and haven't put the thing down, I play mostly blues through a small Laney cub 10 valve amp these pups are brilliant lots of oomph and lovely range of tones, really impressed. There is a lot of bull out there about pups and how much you have to pay but yours blow most of the expensive ones out of the water both for sound and value. I also found the tech support really helpfull. I will certainly recommend IronGear pick ups to anyone. I will be upgrading my other guitar soon and I will definitely be using  a pair of IronGear humbuckers for this. Many thanks.” - Chris Farmer, Hockley (13/7/15)
"I just purchased my first IronGear pickups (Hot Slag for bridge and Texas Locos for middle and neck positions) for my Cort G254. The Cort is a great guitar but was always let down by the pickups (Mighty Mite as standard).  I was surprised by the quality of the pickups when they arrived (construction and packaging) but was blown away by the sound. The character, clarity and power of the sound in all positions is amazing. I always thought some of the pickup reviews on the Axetec site were over the top but find myself joining the ranks of those that totally agree and will never buy Dimarzio or Seymour again! They have transformed my guitar to something special that I will enjoy for a long time!” - Ian Clark, Worthing (10/8/15)
"Quick review of my Texas Locos: I've already used an IronGear pickup before as I have the excellent Rolling Mill 2 mini humbucker in my Nighthawk. I was working on a project guitar (an old Squier Strat) and decided to use a set of Texas Locos in it. If you've got any doubts about these pickups leave them by the roadside. They're phenomenal. They come very well packaged with an excellent wiring diagram. Then there is the sound. It's great. Everything is. Classic hot Strat! The hum cancelling positions two and four are very useful. And they respond well to drive and become great blues pickups. Yes, you can buy pickups at twice or three times the price; however, in my view they won't be any better than these!” - Tim Jones, Rayleigh, Essex (4/9/15)
"It would be wrong of me not to spread the word about my latest purchase, a set of Texas Locos for my Fender Strat, ok, so american Strat pickups are ok, these Texas Locos are so much better than the standard Fender fayre, powerfully woody lows and ringing highs, Hendrix with these is a sinch as is EJ, SRV etc, brilliant clean and amazing with any gain setting, stop wondering and just buy ‘em! I honestly mean this, your pickups are amazingly good.” - Barry Armstrong, West Midlands. (31/3/16)
£25.95 inc. VAT
Worldwide Shipping via Axetec Ltd
Specification & Product Details
Bridge = 52mm, Middle = 52mm, Neck = 50mm
Custom Etched Fibre
Length: 84 mm x Width: 23 mm x Height: 17 mm (including base)
Black, White or Parchment Covers.
250kOhm Pots, .047µF Tone Capacitor(s)
Single Coil for Stratocaster®
2 Conductor Waxed Cloth
Bridge = 7.6kOhm, Middle = 6.5kOhm (RW/RP), Neck = 6.2kOhm
AlNiCo V
Supplied complete with screws and springs
Pole Spacing:
Baseplate Material:
Recommended Components:
DC Resistance:
Magnet Type:
42 AWG enamel
Coil Wire:
Texas Blues, SRV, Armadillo cruelty
Soundclips by Ainsley Stones:
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irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004020.gif
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Hotter Single Coil for Stratocaster®

This single-coil design provides a balance of power, tone and clarity, thoroughly deserves its classic status. The output level of the Texas Loco sits neatly in the middle of the Pig Iron Standard and overwound Strat single coils and provides a touch more output and mid-range boost than a standard wound pickup.
As the name suggests, it's perfect for Texas blues and SRV tones, but it's a very capable all-rounder for all Strat® players.
Don't forget you can take a "pick n mix" approach to our Pig Iron and Texas Loco pickups for Strat® so it's easy to make up a custom set that is perfect for your playing style.
The Pig Iron is available with Black, White or Parchment covers.
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