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Customer Feedback for the IronGear Tesla Shark
"I recently bought a set of Tesla Sharks (with Reverse Zebra Bridge) and to compliment that, I also bought the "Mr Page" wiring Kit. Delivery was very quick, and all parts arrived as ordered, well packaged and in perfect order. It took roughly 4 hours, start to finish, to strip down my guitar, add the new pickups and then wire the guitar back up and re-string it. The Instructions for the wiring were clear and concise, I had no issues at all, throughout the build process, in fact the guitar worked perfectly first test! My guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Plus Top, which already played very well, but I did find that the tone was a little bit to 'mushy' for my taste, but all I can say now is WOW it sounds like a completely different guitar! These Tesla Sharks are absolutely amazing! I was originally looking at a Custom Custom and a Pearly Gate, but boy am I glad I decided to go with these! I can whole heartedly recommend these pups. Thanks again!" Steve Dunn, Swanley
"Thought I would send you a quick note about the zebra Tesla Sharks I received last month. Being Scottish people thought I was just being tight when I told them I put IronGear pickups and not the Seymours in my home built Mack custom Zed Paul........that is until they hear it......(I'll send some pics when I stop playing it long enough to take some). My Jackson pro, Charvel 375 deluxe and vintage Kramer pacer USA custom are all loaded with Seymour's, well the Kramer's singles are Kent Armstrong's but you get the idea. The Tesla's just blow them away, all of them and more importantly in every way. Not for one moment did I think they would even touch the Seymour's for tone. How wrong am I, They are awesome. It is possible to buy quality components and not need to pay though the nose in the process. To be honest I'm looking at my other guitars and thinking new pups for you........... but what flavour? :) Needless to say I wont be paying through the nose for Seymour's EVER again and feel a bit stupid for doing so in the first place..... I don't see how anyone could ever be disappointed with the Tesla Sharks and for the price HOW can you ever go wrong...... seriously! Oh and the service is outstanding as well........" - William Mackinnon, Shawlands, Glasgow
"In 2006 I was lucky enough to get a Gibson Les Paul Standard in Light Sunburst as a present, long story. It was my dream guitar, brilliant to play and gorgeous to look at. Problem was, it sounded dreadful. Muddy, with a horrible blaring middle and no decent top end. I assumed it must be the amp and changed it. It wasn't the amp. So changed the amp again, to a Blackstar. All my other guitars sounded amazing through it. But the LP was still awful. My finances not being what they used to be, Bare Knuckles were out of the question. Then I came across Axetec, read the reviews and still ummed and ahhed. When the Tesla Sharks came out I decided to go for it, they were so inexpensive. I was pretty cynical about whether they'd deliver. So I'm very pleased to say that they do, in spades. Forget the budget price and the lack of fancy marketing, these pickups really do the job. The neck pickup is warm and bassy, but with no hint of muddiness. The bridge is perfect, snarling leads, Green Day raunch, Stones sleazy blues and anything else you can think of. On LP forums so many people complain about the BurstBuckers fitted to 06 - 07 Standards, all I can say is change them for the Tesla Sharks, leave the BurstBuckers in the case with your preconceptions. These are fantastic sounding pickups, they look the part and they don't need a mortgage to buy them. For the first time I'm deliriously happy with my Les Paul, because it sounds like it should, I can't recommend them highly enough. Don't hesitate, you won't be disappointed." - Steve Turpin, Belper, Derbyshire
"I have just returned from Preston's version of Paradise City and wanted to let you know that IronGear has performed a small and very welcome miracle. The teSLA SHark pickups went into a tobacco sunburst 1980's Gibson Les Paul yesterday evening – scaring the SD Alnico Pro and Pearly Gates that had previously been resident into a dark corner of the studio where I am happy for them to remain. I've been searching for an authentic Guns n' Roses tone for years – but with little success – including trying Slash's Marshall amp and every sort of pedal and pickup I could find. The Seymour Duncans just didn't cut it and the closest I had got was actually an IronGear Blues Engine and Dirty Torque combination – but even that didn't give me the harmonic overtones and the driving warmth that I yearned for. All of my wishes were answered last night. These pickups are absolutely bang on – and I love them. They look just right and My God, do they rock! The fingers on my left hand are almost too sore to type after I stayed up 'til the small hours thrashing my way through anything that I could remember from the Appetite and Illusion albums and much else besides. They clean up beautifully to get close to Kossoff territory and have all the cojones needed for Gary Moore soloing! Truly astonishing. For the Gn'R sound the Tesla Sharks were a mile ahead of anything! Thank you – they are excellent pickups for anyone yearning for that classic rock tone. Like so many of your loyal customers, I don't know how you manage to deliver them at this level of quality and for such an incredible price is beyond me. Anyone who thinks that they need to spend Ł100 plus on a pickup needs to do themselves a favour and try IronGear." - Michael, Preston
"Hi, I've just put a pair of your Tesla Sharks in my Les Paul. The sound they make is nothing short of amazing. More Slashy than I could have ever hoped for. THANKS!" - Matt, Liverpool
"I phoned Keith and explained what I needed sound wise and he recommended a set of Tesla Shark pups. I put them in my PRS Bernie Marsden signature to replace the pups that came with the guitar I wanted pups with 4 core wiring so I could coil tap and switch out of phase using 2 push pull pots. I am very impressed with the Tesla Sharks great vintage tone without a harsh top end with nice harmonic output in fact I am that impressed with the pups that I am going to order an other 2 with 4 push pulls so I can replace the 57's on my Traditional LP and do the Jimmy Page wiring." - Bob, Inverness
"Thanks for your advice re suitable p/ups for an all maple guitar (Framus AK1974). The original Seymour Duncan SH-1's sounded dull with the covers fitted and too bright and hard with no covers. The Tesla Sharks you suggested have transformed the guitar into a 'keeper' – plenty of low end and fat mids, but with much more controlled top end, and no lack of harmonics. They really suit the guitar, and work very well with the 6-way switching in all positions. A well balanced set. Great product, good price, fast delivery and good customer service. Fantastic!" - Jeremy, Polegate
"I recently bought a Fender supersonic but wasn't happy with the stock pick ups: too harsh, too powerful. lot of gain but not so much grain. I spent a whole evening searching on the web for second hand Duncans but couldn't find a pair of zebra with vintage output, A2 magnet at a good price. Then I came to read a review of IronGear pickups, and went on this website to have a look. I must admit I wasn't expecting that much from such affordable things, but I ordered them, received them 5 days later and here they went on the Fender. The sound is really good. It's definitely on the PAF side ( I own a Les Paul with boutique PAFS repro on it with 50's wiring and so on..) When compared to the Les paul, the only real difference is the one induced by the wood and neck setting differences. The output is like I like, not too too much power, not too weak. The Grain is creamy (thank you A2) with nice harmonics. Those Tesla Sharks are really good for their price, I'd recommend them to any person wanting to change their sound without spending a fortune." - Rod, France
"I bought a set of Tesla Sharks a few months ago for my project guitar. An LP style custom made guitar. The Sharks were a gamble, I've used a few of the meatier Hot Slags and Hammer Head pickups in other guitars and I also have other guitars with a Gibson 500T, and one with an SD JB4, both formidable pickups, but I have to say the Sharks have astounded me. At such a terrific price they really sing when soloing, and allow for crushing rhythms.You have really hit the jack pot. The cost of the set is similar to what you'll pay for a new 500T or JB4, or other fancy name, but they will blow you away. I've got the reverse zebra, 4 wire pups and I am truly astounded. My custom guitar is complete :) Thank you." - Paul, Northampton
"I would like to start by saying the customer service buying these pickups is fantastic. I ordered first thing yesterday and they were installed before lunch today (Saturday). I have been doing a bit of pickup swapping between my two main guitars, an Edwards Les Paul and an Epiphone Prophecy SG. Both guitars came fitted with very high output units, Gibson Dirty Fingers and SD Distortion Mayhem. In my older age, I'm now more into the classic rock sound and decided to change to more classic voiced pickups. I got hold of a SH-5 and Pearly Gates (used) for the Les Paul, Put the distortions in the SG and sold the Dirty Fingers. The Les Paul sounded great but I wanted to change the SG to something similar. I struggled to find anything that would suit my rather tight budget, used seemed like the only option until I came across IronGear pickups. I think with guitarists, we have this ingrained belief that the more you spend the better it is type of mentality, which when you see something that looks like a bargain, you don't believe it can be that good. Well, with these pickups, everything you read about them is true. They are as good as you would hope and a whole lot more. I'm blown away at how good they sound, how responsive they are and how well made they are at a price which almost feels like your robbing the manufacturer. As its been mentioned before, these pickups have that sound associated with Slash, but they are so much more than just that sound. Beautiful cleans through to high gain rock, these things sound amazing. I would simply say, just buy them, guaranteed pleasure, nothing to think about. NO BRAINER." - Gibby. Crawley, Sussex
"I received the Tesla Sharks opened up the packaging and checked out the pickups, I have got to say the build quality is excellent, I removed the stock pickups from my LP and put in the Tesla Sharks, I have my LP wired up the same as the 50's LP's so I didn't follow the wiring diagram supplied, with the job done I fired up my trusty old Marshall jtm60 plugged in my LP the difference was noticeable straight away, I dialled in the EQ and wow there it was that creamy sharp heavy middy tone with a bit of top , I haven't been able to achieve with Seymour Duncans and some other well known makes so I am well pleased with these PUPS .The Neck and the Bridge match each other very well, with the 3 way switch in the middle the neck backed off a tad you get this really great creamy tone with a little bit of top in there, Switch in the lead pos you get that little bit extra volume and middy bite with harmonics but not too much and without the harshness bordering on Robben Fords tone but without the Dumble Amp , stomp a boost peddle and your off into another dimension, definition is great in all positions if you want a jazzy sound switch in the neck position it gives you a lovely tone, back off the volume a tad great blues tone . For me they really work well, the best I have found to date, the build quality on par if not better than any of the big brands Seymour Duncans, Di Marzio, both brands I have tried to get this sound and feel as I now have with the Tesla Sharks, and at half the price.I would recommend these without hesitation they have certainly done the job for me." - Philip Odd, Beznar, Spain
"Just fitted a set of Tesla Sharks in my Gibson Slash (Appetite) Les Paul using 'Mr Page' wiring...It's simply amazing the clarity and depth of the tone is out of this world, its change it from an average guitar to my favourite within the hour it took to fit and rewire. If you could see sound it would be like going from normal TV to Super HD, it's really that good, I just can't believe it, its obvious as soon as you hear them how amazing it is, the Mr Page wring is also recommended with these being 4 wire as you get an amazing array of tones that beats any Strat and all amazing… I never bother sending feedback but I just can't help it…lol Thanks." Matthew, Salford, UK
"A while ago I bought a custom guitar from China that had so-so pickups in it. I thought about putting Seymour Duncan jb4 or pearly gates in the bridge, then found the Tesla Shark on your website. A mate had said they got good reviews but I'd never heard of them prior to this. I chanced it however and I'm glad I did. They are Unbelievable for 36 quid! It just transformed the sound. I was swayed by the bridge sample on your site, as it reminded me of the jake e lee badlands tone and even through my little marshal it sounds titanic. I have several other guitars that I'm going to upgrade so you can count on my custom for a while….” - Derrick Dixon, Stockton-on-Tees (17/9/15)
Specification & Product Details
Bridge = 50mm, Neck = 50mm
Nickel Silver
Length: 70 mm x Width: 38 mm x Height: 24 mm (including lugs)
Chrome, Nickel, Raw Nickel or Gold Covers. Black or Zebra, Reverse Zebra Open Coils
500kOhm Pots, .022µF Tone Capacitor(s)
Bridge = 8.53kOhm, Neck = 7.92kOhm
Supplied complete with screws and springs
Pole Spacing:
Baseplate Material:
Recommended Components:
DC Resistance:
Magnet Type:
42 AWG enamel
Coil Wire:
Anything ever recorded by the Lord of the Top Hat and Shades !
Soundclips by Ainsley Stones:
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Price & Availability

Classic AlNiCo II Humbucker

Grab those aviator shades and Top Hat, it's the bare-chested IronGear Tesla Shark!
Checkout the specifications of this pickup :AlNiCo II Magnet, 8.54kOhm bridge, 7.92kOhm neck and available with a "reverse zebra" bridge!  Did we miss anything? - oh yes, we've made this set available as 4-wire for maximum wiring flexibility!
This pickup has made its name as a classic rock beast, but it's a really capable all-rounder and does subtle cleans as well as cranking out ear-splitting riffs. Its natural home is installed in a Les Paul, but it's also a great choice for 335s and other semi-acoustics.
The AlNiCo II magnet gives the Tesla Shark a unique vintage character and it became an instant hit with IronGear users from the first day it was launched in 2012.
irongear_humbuckers_zebra_pair_reverse__78_v11.jpg irongear_humbuckers_black_pair_78_v10.jpg irongear_humbuckers_chrome_pair_78_v13.jpg irongear_humbuckers_gold_pair_78_v12.jpg irongear_pickups031007.jpg irongear_humbuckers_raw_pair_78_v04.gif irongear_humbuckers_nickel_pair_78_v11.jpg IronGear Guitar Pickups
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