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Customer Feedback for the IronGear Smoke Stack II
"Scott from the Isle of Wight here. Last week I ordered a Smoke Stack II (neck) from you, out of curiosity more than anything. It arrived (the next day – awesome!) and I fitted it straight away. WHAT A PICKUP!!!!! I was floored by the sound of this thing. I had a slight out-of-phase issue but this was quickly rectified. I've only really used Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio and Bare Knuckles in the past but they've all gone out of the window now. I'll be recommending them to my customers here on the IOW from now on which hopefully means I'll be buying a lot more of them. Amazing pickup (packaging, wiring diagram all very impressive), amazing service, STUNNING price and just downright impressed. I'll be buying all my parts from you from now on. Cheers & Rock-on!" - Scott, Isle of Wight
"Just a quick email to say how nice the Smoke Stack 2 is. I've fitted it in place of the neck humbucker on my Yamaha RGX620 and it gives me just the sound I was after! With both coils on it easily keeps up with the overwound bridge humbucker (full & fat, but with more top end definition than any humbucker I've heard in that spot, more P90-ish, but not overly middly), push the tone pot coil tap and I'm straight back into Fender mode! Also, great service from Axetec, superfast delivery and kept up to date with the order progress. Thank you." - Matt, Kingswinford, West Midlands
"Hi, just received my IronGear Smoke Stack II Strat pickup, must say I'm very pleased with this, it does everything it says on the box. I would recommend it to anyone. Superb! Thanks." - Allan Moir, Fife
"After deciding I should upgrade some items in my rehearsal room I thought of replacing the pickups in a Vintage signature series Thomas Blug Strat with tappable single coil size humbuckers. I looked at the Seymour Duncan everything axe (preloaded scratch plate) but at £270 couldn't justify the expense. On the IronGear website I found a very helpful page describing all I would need to buy in order to build my own plate loaded with Smoke Stack IIs plus a wiring diagram that with minimal soldering capabilities was a breeze to build, the final cost was £100! I won't bother with any sonic descriptions because the website describes them very accurately, I'll just say it's been the best £100 I've invested in gear in a 35 year career. Many thanks IronGear." - Shaun Blandford, Scotland
Specification & Product Details
Bridge = 52mm, Middle = 52mm, Neck = 50mm
Custom Etched Fibre
Length: 84 mm x Width: 23 mm x Height: 17 mm (including base)
Black, White or Parchment Covers.
500kOhm Pots, .047µF Tone Capacitor(s)
Single Coil for Stratocaster®
Bridge: 18.8kOhm, Middle(RW/RP): 11.79kOhm, Neck: 12.47kOhm
AlNiCo V
Supplied complete with screws and springs
Pole Spacing:
Baseplate Material:
Recommended Components:
DC Resistance (Coils 1+2):
Magnet Type:
42/43 AWG enamel
Coil Wire:
Everything from Hank to Hendrix! :-)
irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004016.gif
Bridge: 9.0kOhm, Middle(RW/RP): 7.04kOhm, Neck: 7.36kOhm
DC Resistance (Coil 1):
irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004020.gif
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Supplementary Information:
irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004020.gif
Price & Availability
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Dual Single Coil for Stratocaster®

The Smoke Stack II, features dual coil pickups for bridge, middle and neck positions. This pickup provides maximum flexibility by combining the Pig Iron standard pickup with the extra poke of the overwound version all in one pickup that preserves the classic looks of your guitar.
The Smoke Stack II's two separate coils can be easily managed with standard switched pots, and having the extra boost of the overwound coil at your fingertips is truly exhilarating! It really pushes the boundaries, with twin coils giving the choice of traditional Strat® tones and, with the secondary coil, a hot-rod to be reckoned with.
Note that this is not a humbucker, or a "noiseless" pickup. It's a true single-coil in both low and high output modes and sounds like a traditional Strat® pickup in either mode. The Smoke Stack II is available with Black, White or Parchment covers.
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