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Price & Availability
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Vintage Single Coil for Stratocaster®

The IronGear Vintage 6TS provides dynamic vintage Strat  tones, with solid bass, a smooth, warm mid-range and chiming highs.
It's been voiced to give gritty attack and contolled clean tones without brittleness. This pickup uses AlNiCo II staggered poles with medium bevelling and works really well for classic rock, funk or warm clean tones.
The Vintage 6TS is available with black, white or parchment covers.
Specification & Product Details
Bridge = 52mm, Middle = 52mm, Neck = 50mm
Custom Etched Fibre
Length: 84 mm x Width: 23 mm x Height: 17 mm (including base)
Black, White or Parchment Covers.
250kOhm Pots, .047µF Tone Capacitor(s)
Single Coil for Stratocaster®
2 Conductor Waxed Cloth
Bridge = 6.4kOhm, Middle = 5.8kOhm (RW/RP), Neck = 5.8kOhm
Supplied complete with screws and springs
Pole Spacing:
Baseplate Material:
Recommended Components:
DC Resistance:
Magnet Type:
42 AWG enamel
Coil Wire:
Classic Rock, Blues, Funk,Clean Tones.
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Customer Feedback for the IronGear Vintage 6TS
"They sound amazing !!!' Very very happy and will be ordering another set shortly . Easily as good as my custom shop 69s" - Carl David Edwards, via IronGear Facebook Page (26/9/15)
"Now on my 3rd pickup purchase of IronGear pickups, and wow. I had Dimarzios in my Mexican Strat, which were great, but a little too hot. I found the new Vintage 6TS. I used to have SD AP2's in the guitar once, but before I thought of going back to them, I noticed they didn't do a calibrated set. So I thought IronGear. These picks are superb, the 2nd and 4th positions are just the sound I was looking for. When played through a tube screamer and a 6L6 valve amp you get some very juicy but open tones. When playing clean these pickups offer great dynamic range and clarity. They are a steal at this price. You will not be disappointed." - Tom Clements, West Stour, Gillingham (26/2/16)
"For sometime I’ve been looking to replace the pickups on my faithful old Tokai Strat (originals lacked that sparkle). After getting in touch with Keith at Axetec who recommended a set of Vintage 6TS decided on a complete overhaul so purchased PUPs and all new hardware. Rebuild complete in 4 hours plugged into my Blackstar HT 5 and wow what a difference, completely blown away by what I was hearing. I now have the guitar I've always wanted thanks to the affordable, high quality components supplied by Axetec. If only you made lager!" - Martyn Routs, Wickham Bishops (21/6/16)
“I found Phil (Bristol Guitar Tech) randomly on the internet, and he is certainly a great discovery! I have had a Warmouth parts strat for a couple of years but never been happy with the pickups or the way it played. I took this guitar to Phil and after a good 45 minute chat about what I wanted from it, Phil suggested Irongear Vintage 6TS pickups, new pots to match , a new nut and full set up and fret dressing. What a transformation this proved to be. The guitar plays better now than any guitar I have ever owned (and there has been a few) and the pickups have exceeded my most optimistic expectations. They are bright, articulate can funk or rock and actually sound much better than those in my American Standard Strat. On top of that I sold the existing Bareknuckle pickups on eBay for twice the price of the new ones! I have already given Phil two other guitars to work on and I can't praise him (or the pickups) highly enough”- Dave Gouldney (26/08/16)
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