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Customer Feedback for the IronGear Blues Engine
"I'd like to let you know just how impressed with your service I am. I ordered these pickups on Wednesday and they have arrived and been installed on Thursday! I've never written a review on a pickup. I just wanted to let you know that I have played so many pickups. My guitars have DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, Gibson USA, Fender USA, Kent Armstrong, Bare Knuckle, EMG, Fishman and others. I've tried so many that I often advise those I know who are looking for new pickups. Until now I had never tried IronGear. Having spoke with you and deciding that the best option would be a set of "Blues Engine" & "Dirty Torque" to power-up a mud-heavy, low output Les Paul, I installed them with coil tapping on push/pull volume pots. I can't tell you just how impressed I am with them. The Blues Engine is the best neck humbucker I've ever heard, and I've heard a lot! It's smooth, clean, full bodied and is perfect for clean runs, full chords and crunchy/overdriven rhythm and lead. For a classic sounding, vintage output pickup the note definition is fantastic. The Dirty Torque is brighter, ballsy and a natural sibling to the Blues Engine. It adds a snarl and scream in the midrange which is brilliantly defined. However, no-one seems to have commented on the world-class split tones these pickups offer. When the Blues Engine is split to just the neck-side coil it delivers a perfect single coil snappy tone, reminiscent of a Fender Custom Shop '54 neck coil. It's truly sublime. The middle tones are so good as well; almost like an overwound set of P90s in the middle position. Leaving the Blues Engine split with the volume and tone rolled back, while the Dirty Torque is on full humbucker with full volume and tone give and incredible variety of tones to switch between in a way I have never heard with any other set of pickups. You can play super clean arpeggios on the neck pickups and jump to a perfectly balanced overdriven tone without any pedal or amp settings change - just flip the pickup selector back & forth! I just can't believe you managed to swing this with such value for money. Thank you for doing all your homework so well and producing accessible, world-class pickups designed right here in the UK.” - Mitchell, Salford
"In a word... Amazing. I have two custom shop historic's with burstbuckers of various flavours and these Blues Engine pickups sound as good if not better..! The Gibsonesque sounds from each humbucker are very much what I was looking for, and the split coil Fenderish tones are way beyond what I expected, having been disappointed in the past with week split humbucker sounds from other pickups. I recently sold on a pair of Seymour Duncan Antiquities as they just did not sound good in either of my Gibsons. I am tempted to try the Blues Engines in one of my custom shop guitars, they are that good.. ! Excellent service, excellent pickups." - Paul W. NE England
“Well, I have to say you've done it again! Last year I fitted a Blues Engine to the neck position in my Heritage 535 and a bit later a Dirty Torque to the bridge position. I had been happy enough with the stock Schallers, but having bought a Dean Hardtail USA with a Pearly Gates in the bass position and a Jeff Beck in the treble position, it made the Heritage sound a little flat. Only problem was- with the Heritage now having the most subtle and detailed sound of any guitar I've ever played, the Pearly Gates in the Dean Hardtail was suddenly the pickup that sounded flat and uninspiring. The solution? Another Blues Engine and the Dean Hardtail sounds like the classy instrument it deserves to be. Today it got its first outing through a Carvin Nomad with a twelve inch Elecrovoice speaker and frankly, the guitar is transformed. I play a lot of arpeggios. Now they spring out with this wonderful detail and I only have to dig in to solo- in the clean channel- to obtain a sound with that lush slightly compressed authority. The Blues Engine is a staggeringly good pickup- versatile, responsive and capable of making even very good guitars sound better. We live in a very cynical age, where anything that is inexpensive is likely to be dismissed by many as cheap, but your pickups are quite astonishing to me. There are many reports on your site of people transforming mid-priced guitars by fitting your pickups. My experience is that they are capable of transforming high end instruments as well. I really wish the music press had the courage to cover your pickups far more widely because they really deserve to be much more widely known.” - Kev Morris, Bradford
"I have just had 2 Blues Engine chrome pickups fitted professionally by Tomson Guitars of Wigan (who recommended them) to my Gordon Smith Graduate (Les Paul), to replace the DiMarzio and Schaller humbuckers that had both failed recently. The improvement in the sound quality and tone is incredible, and has attracted numerous positive comments already. Well done!" - Richard Hart, Wigan
"I thought I would add my name to the glowing list of endorsements of delighted customers. The 'conversion' my Ibanez archtop guitar has undergone, having successfully fitted your 'Blues Engine' humbuckers and topped off by the high end quality locking tuners, has to be heard to be believed! The guitar simply purrs through my Henriksen JazzAmp producing beautifully, clearly defined phrases of exquisite tone throughout it's entire range! Your heaven sent advice has proved itself to be the very best to which I cannot thank you enough! Thanks also Keith for a great service and wonderful, quality products that no guitarist, worth their salt, can afford to ignore! One very happy professional guitar tutor and player." David Martin, Winsford
“I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail having installed the Dirty Torque / Blues Engine pickups into my Epi Les Paul this weekend. On trying them out, I was blown away by the sound these things churn out! The Blues Engine is very impressive and has that classic flute like tone the Les Paul neck setting is famous for. In addition to this, there's none of the muddiness often associated with many neck pickups. The Dirty Torque also really delivers. It growls perfectly but mellows nicely by rolling back the volume a bit. Compared to a Seymour Duncan JB I have on a Jackson Dinky Pro this is far, far superior and makes the JB lack grunt and sound pretty muddy. The description on the website stating that the combo is designed to work together is spot on. This is the first time the middle selector position using both pick-ups has really been used on this guitar and has transformed this cheap guitar into a completely different instrument. Overall, most impressive. I will certainly be recommending these and plan to buy further IronGear pick-ups for my other guitars.” – Mark M, London
“I had heard a lot of good things about IronGear pickups on various guitar websites and forums so decided to give them a try. I ordered a Dirty Torque pickup for the bridge which arrived within a couple of days and I got it all soldered it into my Epi LP Standard. I couldn't believe the difference when I plugged it in, it was like playing a different guitar. The sound is drastically clearer and brighter with much more character. I spent the first ten minutes or so just slowly strumming chords in amazement because I had never been able to hear the individual notes so clearly before, it has really brought what was before a tonally dead sounding guitar to life. With the gain turned up, it really kicks out the bluesy Led Zeppelin/Peter Green kind of sound that I wanted without getting muddy. It surprised me was how responsive the sound is to how hard you strum and even what pick you use, before with the stock pickups it sounded lifeless and samey. After being so impressed I decided to upgrade the neck pickup but couldn't decide between the Rolling Mill and the Blues Engine, so I called IronGear for advice who were extremely helpful and friendly. I ordered a Blues Engine pickup for the neck as they are supposed to make a great set, and I wasn't too bothered about coil tapping. I never really used the neck pickup on this guitar before much simply because it sounded awful and muddy even with the volume backed off so I had high hopes for another miracle like with the Dirty Torque. I wasn't disappointed. It absolutely sings, and with both pickups on it sounds unbelievable with the ringing treble of the Dirty Torque complimented by the warm bass of the Blues Engine. Like the Dirty Torque it changed from mud to clear tones with a gorgeous warmness to it and nice round fat bass. Even though the Blues Engine is low output and the Dirty Torque is a high output, they are really well balanced and work really well together. These pickups are unbelievable value for money and are at least as good as the much more expensive makes.” – Richard, Widnes
“I bought a Blues Engine from you a few months ago for a Heritage 535, their take on the 335. I was delighted with the subtlety of the sound in the neck position and last week I fitted your Dirty Torque in the bridge position. The Heritage is a classy guitar and it sounded good before with the stock Schallers. Now it is an absolute delight and it looks the part too with the nickel covers.” – Kevin Morris, Bradford
“I thought you might like to know that I gave the pickups some intensive testing yesterday. I recorded some clips with my Fernandes Ravelle with the previous pickups (Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz) and then once I'd removed those and replaced them with the Dirty Torque (bridge) and Blues Engine (neck) I recorded new clips with the same settings and listened to them using our studio headphones to compare them accurately....What a difference! I had concerns that nothing special was going to happen, however I found that going back to the SD pickups, the recordings captured a lot of rumbling 'background' noise from the JB and Jazz, as though they were going through a spring reverb tank that was being knocked about, even though it was off on my amplifier. The sounds were vague and washy at the edges, particularly in overdrive, clean was bright but still had the associated washy/vague sound at the edges. The new IronGear pickups were in a different dimension altogether. I've seen/heard some people say that the Jazz and JB combination is the best but they're way wrong as far as I'm concerned, the Dirty Torque and Blues Engine is the best combination I've ever heard. The recordings showed a much smoother, more controlled signal pattern, much more defined and tight without clipping the tone. Dirty or overdrive on the neck, bridge and middle positions sounded sweet, crunchy and with plenty of sustain. Clean and clean reverb settings were also excellent especially on the Blues Engine in the neck position. In the past I never really favoured the neck position on my Ravelle because it was muddy, fat and vague, but the blues engine has opened new doors for my sound and I will definitely be making use of them. In other words, I've joined the ranks of more-than satisfied customers even though I had my doubts originally, as I'm sure people do, but the best thing to do is just buy them and find out!” – Rob, Awsworth
“I put the IronGear Blues Engines into an Epiphone 335 after taking out a set costing three times the price. What these pickups bring is character as before the sound was clean but clinical and did not move me. The sound is far more in keeping with a 335 and that “woody” sound that it is noted for comes through now. I guess all guitarists are looking for a quality sound it is just surprising that paying a lot more for pickups did not get me a better sound.” - Clive, Kent
“Hi. Just a quick thank you, I got a pair of Blues Engine pickups from you recently for a Les Paul I was building. Wired it all up, Plugged it in, Could not believe the sound. Damned thing squeals like a banshee in heat swinging an angry cat, More Balls than an army of Rambo's !!!. Really nice clean tones as well, especially in the middle position. These were my first pair of pickups from you guys. I am so impressed I have since bought 3 more sets, I think that says it all really. Needless to say I will be having more of these.” – Paul, AEolian Guitars, Dublin
"I wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for getting the Blues Engine pickup to me so rapidly – it arrived on Monday morning having been ordered late on Friday night! A quick cup of tea and a couple of blobs of solder later it was in – into a really nice Tokai Love Rock. This is a guitar that I swapped the rear pickup for a Bare Knuckle Riff Raff that I already had in a little played guitar a week ago. Anyway, I was really impressed with the Riff Raff – and had planned to stick a “Stormy Monday” into the neck...until I saw the Blues Engine. I am so glad that I didn't order the Stormy Monday. The Blues Engine is simply stunning. It wasn't a surprise that it is absolutely perfect for blues, but it also sounds fantastic for the more rocky Gilmour/Floyd stuff that we play – singing like a bird and sustaining forever. I love it – thanks so much and no doubt I will be troubling you again in the near future for more! – Mike H’, Preston
"Hey Guys, noticed the Blues Engine on your site a month or so ago and decided to pounce even though there was no feedback or reviews yet. I've tried the Hot Slag and Alchemist 90, so wondered what an extra £10 would get you… Well, mucho mojo is the answer. I put it in one of those cheap single pickup travel Hofners and WOW! Fantastic dirty, gritty blues, but with complex harmonics - I'm in slide heaven. Love to see a coil tappable version in the future. Congrats on a wonderful pickup." - Andy, Banbury
"Great service/great product and I love the 'Blues Engines' they've brought my Epi Dot to life!...thanx Axetec" - Steve, Edinburgh
“I fitted the Blues Engine in place of the Hot Slag in my Epiphone LP and all I can say is wow! The tone and sound is just superb when played through my RAT Hot Rodded Amp. I am very impressed with the Blues Engine, I like the Slag and that'll be put to use in another guitar, but the Blues Engine has to be the best pickup to sit in the bridge position of a LP I've heard.” – Simon, New Malden
Predictably superb pickups………..as ever……but the Blues engine is a step further on!” – Tom, Telford
“Well, I woke up this morning & my dog had died, and my lady ran off with the garbage man.... Still, not to worry my Blues Engine neck & bridge pickups have arrived (wow, that's fast) & I've put 'em in the old Gibson, a Challenger 2 from the early 80's. Think Les Paul Junior with a bolt-on maple neck, it's lightweight, it's scruffy but it plays like a dream. Put back together & plugged in, the big question. What do they sound like? These things bark like my old dawg used to but still retain perfect clarity & definition. Very nice indeed. Even though my old dog is dead, my woman has legged it with the garbage man, my house has burned down (forgot to unplug the soldering iron) & being born under a bad sign (on the wrong side of town also), I don't have the blues no more. These pickups are good, very good. I just hope my woman comes back soon (the bin needs emptying).” – Neil Houghton, Bolton
“Hi, put a pair of [Blues Engines] in my Ibanez AL73 Artcore which is a semi-acoustic 335 look alike. The stock pickups were a bit trebly and didn't give a good rock sound. The guitar is sweet beautiful neck and great sustain. With a pair of Blues Engines in this is now a real 335 beater, sounds fabulous and so versatile from rock through to jazz. The pickups have a wide dynamic sound with a good mids which suits blues type rock.” – David Acklam, Brighton
“I just had to say thank you for these wonderful pickups, I‘ve replaced many of my customer’s pickups with all different types that you have supplied and I think they are all the dogs dangly bits! One of my customers couldn't believe his ears after replacing his Tele with your Steel Foundry chaps. Your Blues Engines are some of the best I've heard, I fitted a pair to a Gibson LP and they sound as good if not a bit better than the originals. I wonder what you are doing right? Please keep up the good work and the very wonderful prices.” - Mike Webb, Ramsgate
“I've rewired my Epiphone Les Paul and replaced the stock pickups, which I found muddy, for a Blues Engine Bridge and an Alchemist 90 neck. Once I got the wiring correct and plugged in I was bowled over with the tone of the Blues Engine and then fell immediately in love with the Alchemist 90. They combine really well and make the Les Paul a much more versatile guitar. I've only been messing around for a few days but am very impressed and have found the middle setting great too. I used the Axetec pots, caps and wire and have noticed a massive improvement in tone settings, giving much more choice when turning the dials compared to the cheap Korean wiring harness. Thanks again.” - David Bristow, Morecambe UK
"Well I must say, I'm impressed! I asked for your help in deciding which pickups would suit my Epi Les Paul Custom best, and you suggested the Dirty torque and Blues Engine. Ordered them Thursday, got ‘em Friday, fitted them Saturday, and despite not being the best solderer in the world, did it ok, restrung it while I was at it, and WOW! It really is a different guitar now. Before it was muddy, now I can hear every note, even got that Stratty bell like chime on clean, so I wont be bothering buying another Strat, but I will be buying some more pickups for my other Tokai Les Paul. Thanks again, you have another convert!! Can't remember if I mentioned I was gonna lay out £160+ on some Slash pickups from a major dealer, but I am really glad I didn't., and have no intention of doing so. In the words of Arnie-I'll be back!" - Mervyn, Bradford
"I usually read customer reviews with some scepticism ( the 'nothing under 3 stars' reviews in magazines are a particular source of ire) but after fitting the Blues Engine neck pickup on a Tele build 'bits caster' I wanted to add my testimony to that of other satisfied customers. It's what you say it is: classic sounds and not just a one trick pony. Value for money? It so is. Thanks!" Steve from Market Harborough
"I have just fitted a matched pair of Blues Engine pickups to my ten year old Samick Greg Bennett AV6 Les Paul guitar with original Duncan Hb102/101n's. this is a high quality LP type instrument from the revered Samick Korean factory and so is a really nice guitar anyway. Firstly the help from Keith as ever is great, you can actually talk to him, and he helps by making useful suggestions. The delivery is fast and the pickups arrive In good condition and well packaged. The fit is good although the bridge pickup wire is very tight on length, but just possible on the LP Avion. I wired these identically to the existing pickups, split with fixed coil tap on the neck pickup, and Spin O Split on the bridge using the bridge tone control pot and linking the two outputs through the other tone pot. The sound is like taking a cover off the speakers. No more muddy noise. Beautiful clean sounds from the neck pickup and nice clear tones from the bridge and a really nice twin pickup sounding in the centre position. I thought that Duncan's were supposed to be the business but the Blues Engines leave them in the cold." - Derek, St Leonards On Sea
"Oh yes... Put a pair (of Blues Engines) in my Hudson 335 copy and they've really brought the guitar to life. The stock pickups were OK but a bit muddy... The Blues Engines are classic PAF tone... Great tone, great clarity, enough balls to rock but clean up really sweetly. Love them! Kind regards," - Matt (Belgium)
"I was another hesitant purchaser of (IronGear) pick-ups, who would not believe that any good would be forthcoming, boy was I wrong :). I only paid £36.60 for next day delivery of the Blues Engine, put this in my Gibson SG bridge and played it through my Blackstar ht5r, the sound that came out was truly amazing, remember this is a Humbucker in a Gibson, but I was able to nail the Shadows early hits(Apache, F.B.I Geronimo etc.) to a “t”. I do not know who works for you, but they don't half do a brilliant job!! These pick-ups are the best I have ever heard (I have a Gibson LP Standard and a Fender Strat as well), and the Blues Engine blows them away. I can only finish by saying “words fail me...”. " - F.L.Hunt, Stoke-on-Trent
"Thought it was about time I sent a little review. I've been playing for 35 yrs and modding/building 20 yrs. Have just finished a Jem project which I loaded with Dirty Torque bridge, Pig Iron overwound middle, Blues Engine neck. The results astounding seriously professional tones in all positions. This baby can handle just about any guitar tone from the 50's through to 80's metal with aplomb, via selector switch, tone and volume controls. For the musician looking for the superstrat to do it all I highly recommend this set up. If the Seymour JB and Dimarzio PAFPRO & Tonezone had a balanced love child it would be the Dirty Torque. When people say the EVO2 cleans up beautifully the DT has it nailed. The Pig Iron overwound middle sits well on a H-SC-H superstrat guitar blending well volume-tone wise. Many change their humbuckers and leave the stock single coil, try the PI, I've got it in this position on 3 superstrats between different pups always works well. In pos 2-3-4 Strat Strat Strat. The Blues Engine neck in a superstrat is more like a fat single coil, gravity storm thing. back down the tone into classic PAF territory it handles chords, riffs, tapping and sweep picking equally well. I have a number of IronGear pups in my guitars alongside Seymour, Dimarzio and Bareknuckle I think that speaks for itself. Keep up the good work IRONGEAR." - Paul, Derbyshire
"I bought a Blues Engine for the neck and a Dirty Torque for the bridge of my Epiphone SG on recommendation from a friend of mine. I have to say that these pickups have given a huge lease of life to my SG! The Epiphone stock pickups were utterly weak in comparison! The Blues Engine just screams "play some dirty blues!" I love the sound of it especially with the clean channel on my VoxAC30VR amp. The Dirty Torque just gives so much more growl and ooomph! Also pinch harmonics fly out of it where as I could not get a bean out of the old pickups. Well impressed, keep up the awesome work!" - Andy, Leicester
"I have just fitted my LP with Blues Engine pups and orange drop caps, wow what a difference! The tone is clean and full and certainly makes the mahogany sing out. Many thanks indeed, these certainly are really great pups and live up to everything I have heard about them, top stuff!" - Graham, East Kent
"I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for rescuing my PRS S2 Hollow body from muddy tones! The Bridge pickup in the PRS is fine but the neck was appalling; overly dark, muddy and unmusical. The Blues Engine has made considerable improvement and made this guitar as usable and as versatile as it was destined to be. Thanks again.” - Jim Goulden, Suffolk.
"I just wanted to say thank you for an altogether fabulous purchasing experience. Super fast delivery and a simply stunning product. I bought the Blues Engine/Dirty Torque combo for my Epiphone Les Paul. I have a PRS Custom 22 and 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard and I wanted to try a Floyd Rose equipped LP. I couldn't stump up the nearly 3 grand for a Gibson so bought the Epi version on Ebay. It's a fab guitar, great to play and beautiful to look at, but good as they are, the stock Epi pickups were a bit muddy and lifeless - a definite come down from my other guitars. I'd not heard of IronGear, but discovered them on an internet search and was blown away by the reviews. The excellent reviews gave me high expectations, and now I've got around to fitting the pickups, I couldn't be more pleased. Both pickups complement each other perfectly. The Blues Engine in the neck position has a lovely warmth and clarity when used both clean and overdriven. It's a real quality high end sound.  The Dirty Torque in the bridge position really 'sings', and is so easy to dial in - it doesn't have the harshness that so many bridge pickups have (including the Burstbucker Pro in my Gibson) which then needs tweakage to sort out. Sonically, now by Epi sounds as good or even better than my other guitars. These pickups are very good value and are not just incredible for the money, they are just incredible full stop! Well done to all at IronGear, and keep up the good work. If I was a high end pickup manufacturer I'd be worried. Very worried!" - Peter Taylor, Colne (6/5/15)
"Just had a couple of Blues Engines installed on higher end Epiphone Les Paul, removing the stock Gibson Classic 57s. The existing pups were inarticulate and bass heavy. I was at the point of moving the guitar on - which would have been a great shame since the guitar itself is a lovely player. Anyways decided to throw the dice one last time but did not want to spend too much cash on the usual variety of pups i.e Seymour Duncan or another Gibson Variety. Well all I can say is these are a great match. Where as I had a muddy bottom end before I now have clarity. The mids and highs are also nicely balanced clear but not ice picky. I now feel that I have guitar that is much better balanced with my other guitars and hence can use in a live situation. Good job”  - Jim Stock, Chesterfield (25/6/15)
"I bought 2 Blues Engine humbuckers for my custom guitar build and what a great choice! The tone and sustain are immense, the notes just keep ringing. I can't believe the quality (no I don't work for them or endorse the products). I will certainly try another for my next build, not sure which one yet as that will depend on what type of guitar I want but it will definitely be IronGear. Thanks for a great product for a great price, keep it up.” - Cary Marshall, Bristol (28/10/15)
"I received my Dirty Torque/Blues Engine set today, they are now installed in my Ibanez dc PRS lookalike...ish, these pick-ups have transformed it! It was a typically average output and average sounding guitar, it has been transformed into a beautifully voiced instrument, either straight without gain or with overdrive, the clarity is awesome, easily beating most of the Gibsons I have owned in the past and indeed all the Ibanez pickups I have ever used, (I've been playing over for 35 years). Suffice to say I'll be replacing the pickups in my 335 and Stratocasters with IronGear pick-ups in due course. Many thanks guys and girls at IronGear and keep up the outstanding work :-)” - Barry Armstrong, Dudley, West Midlands (31/12/15)
"Just fitted the Blues Engine set to my US ´91 PRS custom 24. I recently got the guitar by swapping it for another! Long story! Anyway, I know most fit the Dirty Torque with the Blues Engine neck pup, but I love the Blues Engine bridge pup, still enough to drive an amp but still has a really nice sweetness about it. With coil tap mode as an option these pickups have made this guitar even more expressive than it was before. The previous owner had fitted Bare Knuckle Crawlers, and as nice as they were they were just all mid and a bit one trick pony. Thanks again, great product. Keep up the good work IronGear!” - Tom Clements, Gillingham, Dorset (10/2/16)
"Amazing! I just received and installed my IronGear Blues Engine and Dirty Torque for my PRS Tremonti SE. Thanks so much for yet another fantastic set of pickups. I contacted IG a while back as I was unsure of spending £200 on genuine PRS Tremonti pickups for my Tremonti SE. I wanted those as a friend had them installed on his, but as a long time IronGear customer i wanted to give them a try first. They advised me to go for Dirty Torque bridge and Blues engine neck, and wow - they were right! I installed them tonight and they are on a par with, if not better than my mates Tremonti Pick ups. They scream and you get the best of both worlds, from heavy rock through blues.I cant wait to let him hear it now. As usual, build quality and customer service was spot on. Mark my words, SD, Dimarzio etc. had better watch their backs because IG is offering a better sound at a cheaper price. I honestly think that one day, we will see signature models with as IG as the preferred pickups." - Lee Gordon, Luton (5/3/16)
"I took a chance in trying the Blues Engine set in my 1999 Gibson ES335. As anyone who has changed pickups in a semi-hollow guitar can attest, it's a challenge. However, I needed to do something about the dark, lifeless tones coming from the stock '57 Classics, especially the neck pickup. I can't state this strongly enough, the risk was definitely worth it. The Blues Engine set has a depth and clarity that the stock pickups could never achieve. I can now roll the volume off on the neck pickup and still retain some chime yet, when turned up full, has an excellent, fat lead tone. With a decent overdrive pedal, think Warren Haynes. The bridge pickup is just as good, it really compliments the character of the semi-hollow guitar. Where the stock pickups seemed to overwhelm the sound of the wood, the Blues Engines accentuate it and blend perfectly with it. I've owned roughly 30 guitars over the years (I currently own 18) and of all the pickup changes I've done this was the biggest difference and the most satisfying. When you guys said these were a good match for ES style guitars you weren't kidding. I waited almost a year before I wrote this because I wanted to be sure it wasn't just because something was new and different. The fact is, I can now plug this guitar into any amp, in any situation and it sounds great. These are, by a long shot, the best "bang for the buck" pickups for vintage tones out there. Excellent job, guys." - Brad, Canada (11/5/16)
"I received the Blues Engine humbuckers which I purchased as per your recommendation for my epiphone sheraton and I am completely blown away. To say these are good is a massive understatement. The pickups can easily go from BB King to brit pop to ACDC and everything in between. Plugging into my amp I'm instantly met with beautiful clear responsive tone. I have two other 335 style guitars fitted with gibs and sd's (which cost at least twice the price) and playing all three guitars back to back over all genres of music I'd happily say that 90% of the time the blues engines sound better to my ears and my band members. I honestly could not recommend these pickups enough especially at the price. Thank you IronGear from one very happy guitarist.” - Andy White, Newcastle upon Tyne (27/10/16)
Bridge = 52mm, Neck = 50mm
Nickel Silver
Length: 70 mm x Width: 38 mm x Height: 24 mm (including lugs)
Chrome, Nickel, Raw Nickel or Gold Covers. Black or Zebra Open Coils
500kOhm Pots, .022µF Tone Capacitor(s)
Bridge = 8.6kOhm, Neck = 7.4kOhm
Supplied complete with screws and springs
Pole Spacing:
Baseplate Material:
Recommended Components:
DC Resistance:
Magnet Type:
42 AWG enamel
Coil Wire:
As the name suggests, this pickup is superb for blues, but it's far, far more than a one trick pony. The Blues Engine makes an astonishingly good rock pickup.
Worldwide Shipping via Axetec Ltd
£34.95 inc. VAT
Soundclips (by Ainsley Stones):
irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004016.gif irongear_pickups004016.gif irongear_pickups004016.gif irongear_pickups004016.gif
irongear_pickups006014.jpg irongear_humbuckers_black_pair_78_v10.jpg irongear_humbuckers_zebra_pair_78_v10.jpg irongear_humbuckers_nickel_pair_78_v11.jpg irongear_humbuckers_black_pair_78_v10.jpg irongear_humbuckers_raw_pair_78_v04.gif
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Classic PAF Humbucker

This vintage PAF design has been the holy grail for generations of guitarists. It has superb clarity, warmth and astonishing musicality. It works superbly in Les Paul style guitars and produces blues and rock tones effortlessly.
The Blues Engine is also a great choice for 335 style semi-acoustic guitars where the pristine clarity works with the depth of tone from the body brilliantly.
The IronGear Blues Engine humbucker represents the pinnacle of the art of pickup making. The best materials, manufactured to the highest standards, brought together to meet precise and exacting specifications.
We make the Blues Engine in Chrome, Nickel, Raw Nickel, Gold, Black or Zebra finishes.
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