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Contact: Phil Jones
Tel: 07970 191681
“I have been using IronGear pickups personally and recommending to customers since mid 2012 after seeing a review in Total Guitar magazine which widely sang the companies praises.
My first set consisted of a chrome covered overwound Rolling Mill (Bridge) and Alchemist 90 (Bridge) which was originally fitted to my black Gibson SG but have since been relocated to my Fender Stratocaster which has become one of my main gigging guitars.
I have since fitted a Zebra Dirty Torque (Bridge) and Nickel Blues Engine (Neck) to my PRS SE Custom, a Nickel Dirty Torque (Bridge) to my James Tyler JTV-59 Variax and more recently a Zebra Tesla Shark (Bridge) to my Fender Modern Player Telecaster.
Before hand I was using Kent Armstrong pickups but made the switch for a very simple reason. Price, quality and sound. I also fit Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio brands at my customers request and I can honestly say that from a nuts and bolts level Irongear pickups are of equal construction and most importantly have a sound that can be considered unique but accessible.
I purchase these pickups through IronGear's sister company Axetec who offer speedy delivery plus a good level of stock with great communication and technical advice.
Phil Jones, Guitars and Stuff

Name: Barry Walsh
Pickup: Dirty Torque (Nickel/Bridge) with coil tap
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Date Installed: Jan 2014
Testimonial: “I wasn't happy with the sound of the stock pickup in my Les Paul and wanted something that worked better with both clean and dirty channels. Phil suggested your torque pickup and I can't be any happier with the sound. He also took out the Gibson circuit board and rewired the controls so I can have a single coil sound”
Name: Neil Phillips
Pickup: Hammer Head (White/Bridge)
Guitar: Fender Squire Vintage Modified Stratocaster
Date Installed: June 2014
Testimonial: “I originally asked for a quote to fit a Seymour Duncan Invader but it was too expensive. Phil suggested using your Hammerhead pickup. I was unsure why it was so cheap but ordered one after hearing the sound clips. He fitted it the same day it arrived and I pickup it up last night and took it straight to rehearsal and I'm blown away by how great it sounds.”
Name: Martin
Pickup: Texas Loco (White/Set of 3)
Guitar: Eastcoast Strat Style Guitar
Date Installed: June 2014
Testimonial: “thanks for a great job”
Name: Simon Lucas
Pickup: Rolling Mill (customer purchased second hand)
Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul
Date Installed: March 2014
 Testimonial: “Phil at Guitars and stuff have done a few jobs for me now and he always gets the guitars back to me fully cleaned and in full working order. I bought a secondhand Irongear pickup from eBay and it’s turned a good guitar into a brilliant one. I'll probably look at getting my Strat upgraded sometime”
Name: Stuart Marks
Pickup: Jailhouse Rail (customer bought direct)
Guitar: Fender Squire Strat
Date Installed: August 2013
Testimonial: “I bought this pick up and put it in myself but too be honest wasn't at all happy with it. Phil suggested having a look and I don't know what he did but it came back sounding completely different and much better. He has also fitted EMG pickups for me in the past and set up several of my guitars and he always has them ready when he says. Highly recommended.”
Phil note: I upgraded the selector switch, tone pot and cap plus reversed the polarity of the existing centre single coil pickup.

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165 Grange Road
IP11 2PZ
Contact: Steve Barratt
Tel: 01394 274036
I first started using IronGear pickups back in 2008 after reading a review in Guitar Buyer magazine. I wanted to offer my customers the option of an upgrade pickup that would tonally transform their instrument without the usual hefty price tag!
Being a guitarist myself & having tried most of the leading brands (as you do) I was amazed at the response & definition from the Blues Engine & Dirty Torque combo.
Over the past 6 years I've installed various IronGear pickup models, from the high output Hot-Slag humbucker, to the awesome Steel-Twin stacked Telecaster set which is very popular. I have received lots of positive comments about the IronGear pickup range from many of my customers & cannot recommend them enough!
It's just a shame they don't make bass pickups too. :)
Steve Barratt, Guitarlodge.

Customer Testimonials

Russ Baker
I've been using Steve at the Guitar lodge in Felixstowe for all of my guitar setups & repairs over the last couple of years. He is always good for advice, and supplies a great range of services at good prices. The first ever job he performed for me was to fit an Iron Gear stacked humbucker into the bridge of my 1997 Fender USA Standard Telecaster. I was looking for something with a little more bite and Steve recommended the Iron Gear range. More recently Steve added an Iron Gear Blues Engine humbucker into my Ibanez Roadcore CMM1. The stock pickup was microphonic, so after discussion with Steve for a suitable replacement we decided to go with an Iron Gear due to my positive previous experience and the good value for money it represents. Overall I'm very pleased with everything Steve has done for me, and never hesitate to recommend him to people who need a guitar tech.

Lewis Grey
"I have had many dealings with Steve at Guitar Lodge and he has installed numerous sets of pickups for me including a set of Iron Gear Blues Engines in a 335 style guitar. His work is consistently professional and top notch. Whenever I have had him install pickups for me I have always felt he has wired them and set them up to the optimal level and has made sure they sound as good as they possibly can. Can't recommend him highly enough!"

Richard Docking
Steve fitted the Iron Gear Blues Engine & Dirty Torque combo in gold into my Les paul. Excellent service, highly recommended, wouldn't hesitate to use Iron Gear pickups and Guitarlodge again.

Jem Hunns
I wanted to transform the tone on my Takamine 335 & was looking for a punchier more defined tone! I spoke to Steve at Guitarlodge & he suggested I try the Iron Gear Blues Engine set as he had installed this set for a number of happy customers. I was not disappointed, the guitar now plays & sounds superb! The pickups cut through for solos & sound crystal clear on cleans too. I can highly recommend Guitarlodge & Iron Gear pickups.
Owner Statement (Scroll Down For Customer Testimonials):-
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