Customer Feedback for the IronGear Hot Slag
"Your pickups saved an old guitar from being sold! It was equipped with Seymour duncan JB-Jazz, but the Hot Slags just blew them away!Its bizarre how natural and open they sound while having such a huge output! I thank you and bow down to your company! 1000% would recommend!” - Wouter Witten, The Netherlands (21/11/16)
"I'm not in the habit of giving feedback but having invested in a Hot Slag (Bridge) to fit in what was a rather muddy sounding Les Paul, I am amazed! It has lived up to everything I have heard of your pickups bringing the clarity needed to my guitar. I will be recommending IronGear to my friends for your philosophy, pricing and most of all the sound. Thank you IronGear." - Watsy, Weirdbeat Collective, Dumbarton.
"I recently purchased a pair of Hot Slags for my new Epiphone Les Paul Custom. I'm used to high end Jacksons with Seymour pickups, and bought the budget LP for throwing around at band practice. I have to say the advice given was spot on, the delivery lightning fast and the pickups are incredible. Completely changed a bland Epiphone into my current favourite guitar. Through my Engl Screamer amp they sound heavenly, from blues, through rock, even to metal. Amazing service, product and price. I will be back for more!" – Matt Aldridge, Buckley
"My Epiphone Les Paul had the usual stock pickups in it and the search was on for decent replacements. After a look online via eBay and reading reviews and advice from yourself of the Hot Slag pickups, I decided to have them. The price of these monsters is unreal £24.95! bargain. So after putting them in the Les Paul - BLOODY HELL WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE !. These things are outstanding they do exactly what they say they will. The tone has come alive on my Epiphone, pinched harmonics, fast riffs and shredding all there without having to fight the bloody thing. Again thank you for being so helpful on the phone and I will be without doubt using IRONGEAR from here on in. I also have a Schecter with Seymour Duncans in it and the IronGears are far, far better." – John, Bebington.
"Hi, in an idle moment last night I sat down and completed a long term restoration on an ancient and abused Epiphone Les Paul and fitted the pair of Hot Slag zebras that you sent me earlier in the week. To say that the results were a revelation does scant justice to the experience of putting these bitches through their paces. Slammed through a pair of AC30s they have the sweet clarity of an angel’s first kiss with just that saw edged hint of something unspeakably wicked lying underneath. All the tones are in the toy-box for you to play with, crank that volume wherever you like and you won't be disappointed. But crank up the gain and boy do these babies get down and dirty!
Although I'd had these particular items recommended to me, I must admit that their pricing at the budget end of the spectrum left me sceptical and you go through the rather unfair process of trying to find the catch. Well, as owner of a collection of over 30 classic axes and a pro-player of nearly 40 years, if there is one I can't find it. Not one for testimonials, Axetec, you've earned this one!" – Dave, Chesterfield.
"Having read a great review in Guitar Buyer & some good You Tube Demo's about their good quality, I was impressed & decided to treat myself to a Michael Kelly Patriot Custom Amber Guitar Les Paul type Guitar, but when playing live in my Function Band, (Action Replay) I thought It lacked some bite in the Pickup' area. As I run my own business here in Southend (Essex Guitar Services)' and had already fitted a few of your pickup set's to my customers' guitars with great feedback. I thought I would investigate your IronGear Humbucker Pickups, for my own use for a change, and decided on The Rolling Mill & Hot Slag as a matched pair. Well, once I got them fitted in using your wiring diagram, I was impressed, I don't know how IronGear do it for the price, but they are without doubt, the best matching pair of humbucking pickups I have ever heard! Even on my small 15 watt Fender Valve, they are just so good, and when you roll off the Volume, they clean up wonderfully, coil tapped, they give a lovely Fender Strat and Telecaster sound and on my larger Fender deluxe 90 DSP, it's just pure heaven and when you add gain' they have that wonderful, just breaking Up, sound, right up to full on high gain and are great with my Boss Pedals and Wah! Thanks again Keith, I will keep recommending your pickups, and and all your other Axetec Guitar Parts to my Customers here in the Southend/Rayleigh area, and thanks again for your good customer service and prompt deliveries with the parts that I order. Best Regards," - Chris Cutmore, (Essex Guitar Services) Tel: 01702-554916, Mob: 07717130559. (For Set-Ups & Repairs).
"I just want to thank you for your outstanding service you provided on my recent purchase of a Hot Slag (that's just a brilliant name). The delivery was unbelievably fast and the product outstanding. Everything about it is top quality, from the packaging to the sound. The pick-up has been fitted to a Floyd Rose equipped, single pick-up Strat mongrel I've put together (I think you can probably guess where the inspiration comes from!). I've got to say through my Marshall or through my PC, via Pod Farm, the Hot Slag nails 'that' tone. It's a revelation! I've been playing for 30 years and I've used all the big name pick-ups and IronGears are the best by far. I can see a set of Blues Engines being dropped in to my Les Paul before too long. If you charged as much as the other big names they'd still be a bargain by comparison. I've got a gig at the weekend and I can't wait to unleash the Slag. I reckon I can peel the skin of the audiences faces (my band has a bit of a reputation locally for being loud)! Once again thank you and I hope you become the market leaders, you deserve it. Regards," - Simon Burrows, March, Cambridgeshire
"Pickup arrived within 24 hrs...great service. Having been an avid SG player for many years I always believed in keeping them stock (PAFs, 490s,etc). Until one day I noticed a loss of power in my Standards PAF. A quick check revealed that this 40 year old had given up the ghost! So, after searching the net for some re-wound classics, I came across this website. At first I thought the cost was incorrect on the Hot Slag, my initial thought was low output junk. However, after reading the many reviews on this site and others, I thought, what the hell its only pennies. So, the pickup arrived. Within 10 minutes it was sat in all its Zebra glory in my 1966 cherry SG. Having never had open coils, this looks fantastic. The time came to warm up the old JTM45. This pickup has major output, the thing breathes! With minimal effort it grunts, spits, and screams! You don't need much gain with this thing. Without doubt, this has the edge over stock gibbo pickups.
Also, when you lower the guitar volume, the tone remains without too much loss of definition. Will definitely be buying more. Now thinking of the same for another guitar, this time coil tapped! If this pickup was £80-£100, I would still buy it! What a find." - Keith, Worcestershire
"Just had to drop you a quick email to tell you that I love my Hot Slag set and please keep on with the good work. Dropped them into a mahogany Ibanez RG and they really brought this guitar to life, excellent balance with the darker wood. Hotter than the Dimarzio D Activators and EMG HZs and stock Ibanez pups I had in there before. They are hot and really hit the front end of my amps hard, but cleanly. They create searing gain when wide open, but still with clarity and cut. No mud here. Please consider bringing out a 7-string set of these, the tight bottom end would be perfect for that big fat B string; I will be first in the queue ..." - Jean-Pierre, Liverpool
"Just dropping you guys a line to say how beautiful the IRONGEAR HOT SLAG ZEBRA COILS are! I have just installed a pair in my Fender FMT as replacements (Black Canyons were originally fitted) and I have to say, they sound AWESOME, this guitar already sounded great but now it sounds even better. The pickups produce a lovely bite and warm and are very responsive to the dynamics of my playing and built quality is very good. The price of these pickups are amazing too, why bother paying the high prices for Seymour Duncans or Dimarzios? Well done! I highly recommend these to other players." - S.Johnson, Plymouth, UK
"I installed HOT SLAGS in a twin humbucker Strat project guitar I put together from parts. I wired them as per my Les Paul, but with a coil tap switch (thanks for the diagram !). Just played my first gig with the guitar, and for the first time in 11 years, my Les Paul stayed in it's case ! The HOT SLAGS are truly versatile pick-ups. Just using the Crunch Channel on my Marshall TSL, I was able to find tones from cutting Strat/Tele, through mild and moderate blues crunch, to full blown hard rocking filthy overdrive far in excess of my Les Paul, just using the pick-up selector and volume control on the guitar ! Far more potent and versatile than my Les Paul standard pick-ups. Absolutely cracking value for money, and with better definition than more expensive pick-ups I have used in other guitars. Thanks again," - Stuart Powell, Guitar player with Mr Bones.
"I just received and fitted one of your Hot Slag pickups to the bridge of my Les Paul and I have to say, for the price its unbelievable! So much tone and definition. Its great to see a UK company offering quality gear at such reasonable prices. I'll definitely be recommending you to friends and I've got my eye on a Rolling Mill to replace my neck pickup in the near future. My hat goes off to you sirs!" - Pete, Shropshire
"The Hot Slag is great, it’s tone can be quite sweet but can become more aggressive as needed. A good balance between vintage sounds and modern needs." – Matt, Staffordshire
"I just bought a pair of IronGear Hot Slag zebra pickups and they are just as good as I thought they would be. Perfect, just perfect" - Jimmy, Fife
"(I fitted) the Hot Slag pickup in my Epiphone Les Paul Classic (bridge) and I have to say how impressed I am. The tone is so much clearer than the old stock pickup - very clean and bright when natural and very powerful with good definition when overdriven or distorted. All in all a very well made pickup and I am very happy with it." - Paul, Southend-on-Sea
"Verdict? (on the IronGear Hot Slag) Absolutely superb. This is exactly the Les Paul bridge sound I was wanting to hear. It's all there - the bark, the sustain, the definition - tight bottom end, lovely growly mids and perfect highs and something else I noticed - when you roll off the volume there's no loss of either definition or presence - and there's a really nice chime to it. Split the coils and it's almost Telecaster territory! Yikes! There's nothing I don't like about this pickup." - Dave Scott, Hartlepool
"Well I am truly amazed at the Hot Slag Pickups I received last week from a very friendly and professional dealer in The UK, Keith was a real pleasure to do business with, as I am in the sales department at Musikhaus Thomann in Germany I do see through a lot of internet sales and the whole transaction was perfect in every way. As for the Pickups , I read a little about them as you do on several forums and thought I should try a pair in my Edwards JP relic as I was a little bit disappointed with the Se----- Dun---s that were stock as the guitar itself is a real nice piece of work, I did as well have a pair if Gi-s-- 57´s in.. but at £ 22,00 each for the Hot Slags I was tempted and well you know what! I'm really glad I did and with the money I get for the 57´s I will definitely be buying another pair to fit in my other Les Paul I own which has AN Other well know brand in there as in my honest opinion the IronGear Humbuckers are Clear, strong, well built and presented, relatively Linear across the frequency range covering all tones my ( or any ) guitar gives out for that matter, all the best in the future and as long as the quality control doesn't slip from the manufacturers a lot of customers will be pleasantly surprised to say the least. I will not be spending any more silly money on BRAND names again." - Iain, Germany
"Thanks for an amazingly fast turnaround, less than 24 hours after order I had the pickups in my hand. I fitted them to my Epiphone Les Paul in place of a couple of Bill Lawrence (L500r and L500xl) pickups and cannot believe how good they are. Incredibly versatile and easily as good as any other manufacturers products that I have tried - SD's and Di------s. As soon as finances permit, I will be ordering more for my Tokai custom edition to replace the stock pickups. I'm really glad that I found out about them, and wish I had been aware of them sooner." - Gogs, Aberdeen
"Just got my Hot Slag today (good service) and popped her in my 60's Strat project and I have to say the hype is true. I have had a LOT of gear and I really know what I am talking about and I just have to say well done. This is every bit as good as the top brand unmentionables out there and it is better than my PAF and just as well made!" – John, Sheffield
"I was asked to repair a Les Paul which had problems with the Pots and Selector switch. After talking to my client and playing him some sound clips from AXETEC, he was keen to have a "Mr Page" setup with 2 new Hot Slag pickups. The installation went smoothly. At the next band practice all was going well until one of the other guitarists said ‘We are rehearsing in this tiny room and I have just had to turn up the PA to 3 notches louder than when we perform, just to get over the top of that bloody monster!’ What a tribute to the power of these pickups! I have just ordered another set to put in my own guitar – thanks Keith for a great service." – Steve, Wirral, Merseyside.
"Hot Slag, hotter than a Tabasco sandwich! Firstly, I must compliment on excellent service. Ordered in the afternoon and they arrived next day, in less then 24 hours from purchase they are installed in my guitar. First impression of the pickup out of the box was pleasing. Good length lead, excellent finish on the gleaming gold covers and a solid feel. Installation was a doddle. Both the bridge and necks tonal range is nice and balanced, crisp hi, creamy middle and plenty of grunt low end and not in any way muddy even with the gain and the bass pushed up on the amp. They are of high out without being harsh, preamp breaks up nicely and back off the guitar volume and thy clean up well. They've been installed in an Epiphone Les Paul Custom (2007). These pickups have replaced the stock pickups that were microphonic and squealed like a pig. I've cranked the amp up and so far not a squeak. Have a rehearsal next week and itching to try it out. Might get another set for the Gibson Les Paul Standard… First class! Good to see that a British pickup for half the price of the competition kicks it's arse! A proud day! Thanks and regards," - Jim Goulden, Ipswich.
"Just under a year ago, after MONTHS and MONTHS of research, reading of reviews, and trawling the internet, I found your website and your pickups. I play a great deal of all sorts of music ranging from country, rock n roll, to rock, metal, and metalcore and wanted some pickups that could cover all of that. I bought your Hot Slag (bridge) and Rolling Mill (neck) and slapped them into the Les paul copy I was renovating at the time. WOW - WOW - WOW, the clarity, tone, and beautiful sustain my guitar now has. . .and the scary thing? with my Marshall amp, and distortion pedal, I have the tone I've heard in my head for years, and have yearned, and searched for! You guys are total beasts to be able to churn out such monstrous pickups at ludicrously low prices! I'm now tempted to upgrade the pickups in all my other guitars. On a side note: My younger brother was telling me from the time I first visited your website that there is absolutely no way the reviews and testimonials you have could be true. How could such low-priced parts be worthy of this praise? He now agrees with me that his views were wrong. (He never admits he's wrong, so take that as a compliment). I wanted to send you this message straight away after getting these bad boys, but decided to wait, to see if it was just an over excited reaction to new pickups. . .it wasn't." - Toby, Sudbury, Suffolk
"I've just had my second order of IronGear pickups arrive. This time it's the Hot Slag bridge pickup which is fitted to my Epiphone ES335. I knew from my previous order that it would be a big improvement on the stock Epiphone pickup. What I didn't expect was that it would have such great definition of every single note when hitting chords. It made such a big improvement that I'm leaving my Gibson Les Paul at home for the next gig. Thanks guys." - Nige Haynes, Poole
"Well Sir you have done it again. The Hot Slag arrived the day after it was ordered. Excellent service as usual. It is now fitted in a Gordon Smith GS60 with coil tap. This pickup is serious. In humbucker mode it growls and snarls and is perfect for classic British rock through a Marshall. In single coil mode it is a hot rod Tele on steroids. Best thirty quid I have spent in a while saves me having to buy a Tele. It also sounds really good played clean on humbucker or single coil too." - John Elgar, Cambridgeshire
"THANK YOU! I've just put in the matched pair Rolling Mill neck and Hot Slag bridge. I'm 61 and have used various pups over the years Seymour Duncans etc. and must say these are incredible what a great set. Better than Gibson or Duncans. I put these in a 15 year old Korean Epiphone LP (very nice Ltd edition) and used your re-wire kit. Influençable!" - Wayne Tykocki, Hampshire
"I recently bought the Hot Slag and Rolling Mill pickup set to replace the really crappy Wilkinson humbuckers in my Vintage V100AW and I have to say these are amazing pickups, especially considering how cheap they are. I wasn't expecting them to sound much better than the old pickups I had but they seriously are fantastic. The Hot Slag sounds great with distorted lead and rhythm, the Rolling Mill sounds great with clean and distorted rhythm and some lead. These pickups are really great and I think I'll end up buying either an Alchemist 90 or a Steam Hammer for the SG Junior I have. Absolutely love these pickups." - Adam Buckley, Stoke-on-Trent
"I first heard about IronGear through a guitar forum. So I decided to find out more and see if the reviews can be real about how good they are. Well I was blown away with the quality and sound. I installed them [Hot Slag neck + bridge] into my Schecter 006 Extreme. It has changed it from a dull lifeless sound to full rock god. For the price of them, its unbeatable and unbelievable. Give it a go and step into IronGear’s works. I wish they would make a 7 and 8 string pick up too. Top class." - Mark Ewing, Edinburgh
"I bought a used Musicman Silhouette last year and was told it had been fitted with IronGear p/u's - Hot Slag and Rolling Mills. My first thought was to ditch these cheap p/u's that I'd never even heard of and put something expensive and 'decent' in instead. Anyway, I had some rehearsals with a covers band I was helping out and used the Silhouette live with them. I simply could not believe the sound I was getting from the guitar, and it was very versatile with a coil-tap - 2 x singles and 1 x hb with coil tap allows you to do pretty much anything. I decided to delay rushing to purchase replacements and continued to use the Silhouette with one of my main bands for rehearsals only, intending to use my Gibson Les Paul for the shows.  But the more I played with the IronGears, the more I became aware that they not only easily match up to high-end p/u's but surpass them in some ways, least of all the cost-point which is quite frankly astonishing! So, a year on and the Silhouette with IronGears has now become my 'go-to' workhorse guitar (I even took it on holiday) and I now plan to start putting these on some of the others in my collection of fifteen. If anyone is in any doubt as to the quality of these, all I can say is just go for it, you will NOT be disappointed. I've been playing for over 45 years and did not know at first what these p/u's were, all I knew is that they sound amazing for the money! Keep up the great work guys!” - Stevie Savage (Danielle Dax, The Roadholders, Alien Sex Fiend, Crash74 (ex-Sparks), and others) (14/7/15)
"I just purchased my first IronGear pickups (Hot Slag for bridge and Texas Locos for middle and neck positions) for my Cort G254. The Cort is a great guitar but was always let down by the pickups (Mighty Mite as standard).  I was surprised by the quality of the pickups when they arrived (construction and packaging) but was blown away by the sound. The character, clarity and power of the sound in all positions is amazing. I always thought some of the pickup reviews on the Axetec site were over the top but find myself joining the ranks of those that totally agree and will never buy Dimarzio or Seymour again! They have transformed my guitar to something special that I will enjoy for a long time!” - Ian Clark, Worthing (10/8/15)
"I just thought I would send you a wee note to say thanks. I have just installed my 3rd Hot Slag and my guitar is absolutely rocking. This is a great pick up. I didn't know which one to pick initially but I have found a wee gem in the Hot Slag. I ony have 1 problem. I have 14 guitars and its going to cost me to put them in them all :-)” - Gogsy, Edinburgh (11/12/15)
"I finally decided to buy some pickups from you and settled for a matching set of Hot Slag Bridge and Neck for an SG double cut project I am working on. Fit perfectly and I was blown away by the raw power of them. They are too good for the second rate electronics on the guitar so fitting good quality pots is a must. Can't wait until this baby is worn in so I can get the best out of these amazing pickups. IronGear, YOU ROCK!” - Rod Beasley, Uxbridge Middlesex (8/1/16)
"I've just had a set of Hot Slags replace the stock pickups in my Epiphone Dot. It's turned a slightly muddy sounding guitar into a ferocious sounding guitar. Cranked right up on overdrive,they scream and snarl, which is exactly what I was hoping for! But dial it back and it has a really powerful presence. Stick it on a clean channel and it sounds nice and clear. These are first rate pickups and a great price." - Tom Lynch, Newcastle upon Tyne (1/3/16)
£36.95 inc. VAT
Worldwide Shipping via Axetec Ltd
Specification & Product Details
Bridge = 52mm, Neck = 50mm
Nickel Silver
Length: 70 mm x Width: 38 mm x Height: 24 mm (including lugs)
Black Open Coils, Zebra Open Coils, Chrome, Nickel, Raw Nickel, Gold Covers
500kOhm Pots, .022µF Tone Capacitor(s)
Bridge = 17kOhm, Neck = 15.3kOhm
AlNiCo V
Supplied complete with screws and springs
Pole Spacing:
Baseplate Material:
Recommended Components:
DC Resistance:
Magnet Type:
44 AWG enamel
Coil Wire:
The Hot Slag is great for rock and metal tones. It makes those pinched harmonics really squeal. Despite it high output it retains excellent clarity and can produce beautiful clean tones.
irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004020.gif irongear_pickups004016.gif irongear_pickups004016.gif irongear_pickups004016.gif irongear_pickups004016.gif
Price & Availability

Passive Humbucker for High Gain Rock

Stand back, because you might get hurt! Nasty, snarling, bad-tempered bastard of a pickup. Not to be meddled with & definitely for those who like the extreme side of life.
The Hot Slag gives a really punchy performance but retains a brightness associated with it's AlNiCo V magnet. It's great for high gain rock tones but is still a useful pickup for clean tones. This is our most powerful pickup that utilises the A5 magnet and has been incredibly popular with IronGear users since it's introduction in 2007.
This pickup works really well in both bridge and neck positions but can also be combined with the Rolling Mill neck position humbucker for a really flexible set.
IronGear makes this pickup with Chrome, Nickel, Raw Nickel or Gold Covers and Black or Zebra Open Coils.
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