Customer Feedback for the IronGear Hammer Head
"I just wanted to let you know how incredibly impressed I am with these pickups. I just purchased and refurbished a guitar to use with my band; we play a kind of filthy, downtuned industrial death metal and a Hammer Head at the bridge is PERFECT. Insanely high output, killer low end that makes palm mutes hit like a ton of bricks and the pinched harmonics practically pinch themselves. Through a Mesa Boogie this thing could take down walls and, dare I say, this guitar may have replaced my Bare Knuckle loaded axe as favourite. How you guys manage this for the price is beyond me, I can't wait to grab a Hot Slag to try in one of my other guitars!" - Dave Newell, Stockport (NekroDrako)
"Just thought I would drop an e-mail to let you you know how good the Hammer Head pickups were I bought from you. I dropped them into my Warlock(Bronze series) to replace the pair of stock BC Rich pickups which aren't too shabby a pickup in their own right and have performed for me for the past 6 years with no complaints, but I thought it was time for a change, to breath some new life into it. 30 minutes later and my Warlock sounds like a higher end Warlock for a fraction of the price. The best thing about the Hammer Heads is they can grunt like two pigs mating quite happily all day long but they also sound amazing when used clean, no loss of tone or performance which my friend complains about with his Seymour Duncan Invaders, so much so he in thinking about buying a set for his guitar. Anyone thinking about buying IronGear pickups should stop thinking and just do it you won't be disappointed." - Jody Goodrick, Weymouth
"I've just "decommissioned" my BOSS GT-3 and have bought a new Roland Cube 40XL for home and recording - even mic'd up for gigs (with all the trick sounds including "Heavy Octave", going through the "Extreme" amp setting), and I have to say that these "Hammer Head" pickups have totally transformed the sound of two completely ordinary guitars, their being the Ibanez SAS32EX, and the Aria MAC-50. I've got my "sound" - no two ways about it, which is something I've been striving to find for the last 30 years or so. The "Hammer Heads" replicate perfectly the clean sounds used in my "sonic battery", and when overdriven … well I can only describe the bell-like harmonics and note for note clarity as "spine tingling". When tuned two tones down, these pickups can (and will) rip your face off at around two miles! Squealies literally LEAP from the strings, with each pinch harmonic ringing out 10 times out of every 10 attempts. I'll be honest, I didn't expect the results I've had, compared with "big name" passive and active pickups, but I'll tell you this - from this day forward, I'm an IronGear man, and as such, I have no qualms whatsoever in replacing the pickups of my more expensive guitars with these nasty, snarling F***ers. If you're into Metal, try these before going active, as they have more punch and clarity than either a ZW or KK set of EMG'S … "sad but true". At any price, they are more than worthy of your consideration. Enjoy. IronGear I salute you!" - Big Dave, Denbigh
“hello, I just wanted to drop ya a line to let u know how amazed and happy I am with the bridge and neck Hammer Head pickups I recently purchased! I fitted both humbuckers to my Jackson Dinky, the difference in tone and power was a joy to behold!! never again will I go back to using Seymour Duncan pups!” – Paul, Chesterfield

"Had to drop you a line having just retro'd my Strat with the Hammer Head pickup at the bridge position - just what I needed, an excellent value for money power pickup to complete my monster project. Versatile full on sound I was searching for through my FX. Plus the other items were great value for money and gave it that finishing touch it required." - John, Worcestershire
"Fitted some IronGear pickups to one of our ROG85A Guitars. Two Hammer Head, neck and bridge. these Pickups are something else. Have coil tapped both pickups for a different sound. when on full humbucking mode, these are fantastic, clear sound when on clean channel, but on distortion, these ROCK. really overdrive a tube amp beyond normal." - Ross, Red Planet Guitars
“I came across Irongear last Summer for the first time when I was building a superstrat project guitar and I finally ordered a pair of Smoke Stacks and a Hot Slag (bridge) instead of the EMG’s I was intending to get. To say I was stunned at the tone and output was an understatement! Since then I have replaced the original pickups on my Les Paul with a beautiful pair of Rolling Mills and upgraded my BC Rich Bitch by installing a pair of VERY mean Hammer Heads. Awesome pickups at a great price with fast delivery and superb customer service…keep it up!” – Tom, Telford
“I purchased a Hammer Head pickup on the advice of one of the guys at Axetec, I play de-tuned Grindcore and death metal, well, I fitted it to my Jackson the other day, and I have to say the results were far beyond what I was expecting, a very big sound with lots of power, really transformed my guitar. I would just like to say thanks for an excellent product at a fantastic price. You will be at the top of my list when recommending pick-ups to anybody. Keep up the good work.” – Graham, Okehampton
“I have just fitted the Hammer Head Bridge pickup into my Fat Strat & I must say that I am blown away with it, the old pickup was a bit dull & lifeless, no drive, sod all tone & it wouldn't pickup the harmonics, Well the Hammer Head far exceeds my expectations & I think it out performs one of the Big Name pickups with a similar appearance & at less than half the price, I will definitely be using IronGear pickups in my next project.” – Paul, (Location withheld by request)
"I received the Hammer Head today, and am completely blown away. This is amazing in all dept. Build quality, presentation, look and more importantly the sound. I am stunned! Thank you so much. You have brought new life to a 12 year old guitar." - Lee Gordon, Luton
"I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with the IronGear Hammer Head I got from Axetec. Initially I bought it because it looked menacing with the 12 hex head polepieces and I wanted a different look to my "fat Strat" project. I linked up the humbucker with a DPDT switch so I could have it either series or parallel; the result are impressive, it really delivers a great output, mind bubbling clean tone. Overall, excellent value for money and definitely will be getting more for the next one. Thanks again!"
Gerson Velasquez, Penzance
"I just finished rebuilding an old guitar for a friend with most parts coming from Axetec. It now has a Hammer Head in the bridge and Jailhouse Rail II's in the middle and neck positions. Wow. For the price I wasn't expecting a lot, and originally planned these as a stop gap before getting some Seymour Duncans or DiMarzios. But now, my friend has no plans of getting other pickups. These are amazing pickups. Hit so far above their price range. The Jailhouse Rail II in neck and middle are beautiful and articulate in clean and can be great in low tone or have a nice chime with high tone. No hum or buzz, even on my dirtiest channel there was no buzz or hum. And in high gain are brilliant! Great for lead and you can get a nice drive sound for riffing! The Hammer Head pickup in the bridge is a thing of beauty! Nice and articulate cleans with loads of versatility when playing with the volume and tone. Driven sound is AMAZING! 80's rock style gain is just fantastic, so much definition and full sound. Then in high gain modern metal just melts your face for days! Both me and the friend who's guitar it went in were blown away! GREAT for grunge, rock, hard rock and metal, and the clean is fantastic and versatile as well. IronGear pickups aren't just great pickups for an affordable price, they are just great pickups! 10/10 will be buying more of these!” - Ross Parfitt, Australia (28/11/16)
Worldwide Shipping via Axetec Ltd
£36.95 inc. VAT
Price & Availability
Specification & Product Details
Bridge = 52mm, Neck = 50mm
Nickel Silver
Length: 70 mm x Width: 38 mm x Height: 24 mm (including lugs)
Black or White Open Coils
500kOhm Pots, .022µF Tone Capacitor(s)
Bridge = 15kOhm, Neck = 14kOhm
Supplied complete with screws and springs
Pole Spacing:
Baseplate Material:
Recommended Components:
DC Resistance:
Magnet Type:
44 AWG enamel
Coil Wire:
The Hammer Head is a balls out great, metal pickup. It's capable of some great subtle tones as well and retains excellent clarity despite its high output.
Soundclips (by by Aidan Roker):
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irongear_hammer_head_black_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_hammer_head_black_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_hammer_head_black_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_hammer_head_black_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_hammer_head_white_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_hammer_head_white_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_hammer_head_white_pair_78_v01.jpg

High Output Humbucker for Rock/Metal

The IronGear Hammer Head provides the same specifications as the fabulous Steam Hammer but comes with massive Hex Head polepieces that focus maximum magnetic flux under the strings and gives a real punch to the bass performance of the pickup. It's perfect for those insane bends and excels down-tuned riffing.
We've designed this pickup for driving the front end of your amp into really useable overdrive tones and retained enough clarity to make it flexible enough for crisp cleans from bridge and neck positions.
We make the Hammer Head with Black or White Open Coils.
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