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Customer Feedback for the IronGear Volt Active
"I purchased a pair of IronGear Volt Actives for a Jackson. I have been playing them through a KLD 18 watt with cryo treated valves. I use the Jackson for recording. After a year the Jackson has become my default guitar replacing my Seymour Duncan shed Flying V. Sustain, bluesy, metal, Hank B Marvin its all there with no effects pedals. If I was still playing live I would two guitars with these pickups. I haven't felt so in control since the Strat, Rangemaster & AC30. No tone loss and I think that the outrageous claims made are true. I can't speak highly enough of these pickups." - Tony, Newhaven
"A whole dictionary can't help me to find right words... Volt pickups left me without words. The perfect marriage with my vintage LP. From Tribal Tech fusion to Suffocation death tone... Everything you need is here. Rhythm, soloing, palm muting, clean jazzy chords... And the best thing is that the tone of the guitar is not killed by the "active thing." - Pier Marzano, Italy
"I've had a single IronGear Volt installed into the bridge position on an Ibanez RGR that myself and a friend have had as a project. I have to say its a revelation! Firstly the amount of sheer output available is insane! It's so powerful! Secondly, when a chord is played through a distorted amp you can hear each note of the chord. So much clarity. It doesn't sound sterile but retains warmth and character much like a passive does and it also cleans up very well with the volume rolled back. I would happily buy one again in a heartbeat and I thank you very much for offering such a professional and amazing sounding pickup at such a low price. Well done IronGear! I will be recommending you to all and sundry!" - Marc Maiden, Hampton, London
"These IronGear Active Volt pickups f**king rock ! I have EMG81 and 85 in my Ibanez and I put the IronGear Actives in my Jackson RR V and they blew me away." - Steve Brown, Uckfield
"Well Keith, cheers for the speedy postage as usual. Now a more serious matter, the Iron Gear Volts. All I can really say is HOLY GOOD MOTHER OF METAL! That is and will forever be the best £60 odd quid I will ever spend. These pickups are absolutely amazing! I have EMG's in all my guitars (well minus 3, which Iron Gears) and when I saw these bad boys I had to give them a try. If you want the name get the EMGs, but if you want equal quality pickups but over £100 cheaper, seriously get these, you will NOT be disappointed!" Phil-Conjuring Fate, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland.
"Bought a Volt for a Pacifica 112 bridge…awesome sound…..way up there with EMGs and Blackouts ……ordered another Volt for the neck the next day..superb sound for disturbed fans/slipknot/machinehead…with tones ranging from sheer death to blink/kol/ you just cannot ignore this pickup if you want quality and output at professional level…now I am thinking of my PRS having them buy buy. Even my guitar technician was knocked back by the sound test in a Peavey Vypr and a Vox Valvetronix . Wish we had these in the 80's…..Amazing….. Get one before they all go out of stock …cos they will." - S Clark Lincolnshire
"The guitar sounds superb into a valve amp - with the volume knob on the guitar full up, a drive pedal is no longer needed; this gives you all the sustain you'll ever need. Backing off the volume on the guitar cleans up the sound perfectly and around halfway it gets gets back to the kind of output a PAF would give, but amazingly there's no tonal change...All the highs are still there and the sound is bell-like and chimey with just a touch of hair on it. Take it down a little and it cleans up and almost sounds like a slightly fat Strat. And all the time you notice the total lack of any hum, and that's worth the price alone!" - Steve Ayers writing in GUITAR BUYER MAGAZINE, November 2011
"Woah! I've just installed a pair of the IronGear Volts into my Ibanez RG320 and it's just INSANE. To say that the Volts have brought the guitar to life is a massive understatement. I just can't put the thing down - riffs like metal heaven. Feel free to quote me - I'm in love with these things!" - Chris, Birmingham
"...these pickups excel for hard rock and metal - and blending the two gives a good trade-off of body and bite. We're surprised. They aren't going to convert non-active fans, but IronGear's Volt give you sound quality that's usually out of reach for this money. Get some before they put up the price." - Stuart Williams. Review in Total Guitar, Issue 221, December 2011

"Ok, after some research and deliberation I took the plunge and bought a set of Volts to put into the bridge and neck position on my lefty Jackson Rhoads Sharkfin. The stock pup's (imho) lacked the output to coax enough gain out of my valve amp. I did consider the Metal Machine range, but have always liked aesthetics of closed face pups like the EMG 81's and also wanted to see what all the fuss was about with actives. IronGear Volts not only look the part but sound absolutely monster. I've recently recorded some new tunes with my band, the rhythm guitar parts were recorded exclusively with my Rhoads. To say I'm happy with the guitar tone would be a disservice to these pups. They sound absolute killer and I couldn't be more pleased. I've even had to turn down the gain on my amp." - Ste Peters, Wolverhampton, West Midlands (18/5/15)

"I have three guitars. An old 90’s Jackson DR3, Gibson Les Paul Studio with EMG 81 60, and a Epiphone Tony Iommi SG with the Gibson Iommi pups. My guitar of choice has been the SG. Great for dropping and shredding . I thought I’d have a fun project and put some new pups into my DR3. After some researching I found IronGear Volt pickups, which I have never heard of before. I thought they were very cheap, but sound good on the tone tests. After considering my DR3 is only worth about £100 they’d be perfect. Now to the actual review. These pups are incredible. If I pick an individual note, there is great clarity and definition. But, and this is one of the best bits. When I strum a chord they shred even better than EMG’s. These pups will play anything from the rock of Ugly Kid Joe or GnR’s with ease and drop to the doom\death\groove metal of Paradise Lost to Devil Driver or Fear Factory. I love these pups. And then if they couldn’t get even better they have a sustain that Jesus couldn’t have made better. These hold a note so clearly and for so long like no other pups I’ve ever heard. I could sit and bend notes listening to that awesome sustain for hours on these, and I do!! Now my old cheap £100 Jackson is my guitar of choice and I can only thank IronGear for making these. Please do some seven string ones and give me a reason to buy a fourth guitar!” - John Hoy, Manchester (22/11/15)
Specification & Product Details
Sealed Unit
Length: 70 mm x Width: 38 mm x Height: 25 mm (including lugs)
Black Covers Only
25kOhm Pots, .1µF Tone Capacitor(s)
2 Wire + Power
9 Volts
AlNiCo V Bar
Supplied complete with screws and springs + Battery connector and stereo jack socket.
Pole Spacing:
Recommended Components:
DC Supply Voltage:
Magnet Type:
12k Ohm
Output Impedance:
High gain metal tones, Classic Rock, pristine cleans.
Soundclips by Aidan Roker:
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Installation Article - Guitar Buyer 01/11/2011
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Hot Active Humbucker

The IronGear Volt Active pickup provides a broader response, more dynamics, better note definition and greater clarity and output power than a passive pickup ever could. Combine these advantages with better, more fluid, sustain and the ability to use longer cables with little, or no, high frequency loss and you have an essential addition to the IronGear series.
The Volt can be everything from a screaming metal monster to a leather-skinned blues master class.
It excels at classic rock tones and the clean sounds are warm with real harmonic depth.
If you're looking for the next level of guitar tone, then the IronGear Volt Active was made for you!
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