Hot Ceramic Humbucker

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Specification & Product Details
Bridge = 52mm, Neck = 50mm
Custom Etched Nickel Silver
Length: 70 mm x Width: 38 mm x Height: 24 mm (including lugs)
Black or White Open Coils with Black or Chrome Pole Screws
500kOhm Pots, .022µF Tone Capacitor(s)
Bridge = 21kOhm, Neck = 17kOhm
Ceramic [Y30]
Supplied complete with screws and springs
Pole Spacing:
Baseplate Material:
Recommended Components:
DC Resistance:
Magnet Type:
44 AWG enamel
Coil Wire:
Metal in all its forms!
Soundclips by Aidan Roker:
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Customer Feedback for the IronGear Metal Machine
"The Metal Machine pickups are a revelation.  The price of course is an absolute bonus but I have judged them against the alternatives that were removed – 2 x Seymour Duncans.  The Seymour Duncans, in my view, are not even close.  The Metal Machines do all that appears in the description and a great deal more.  The guitar is brutal & precise when I want it to be and sings when required.  The stand out feature of these immensely powerful pickups is the detail.  My repair man took the view that they cover much of the sonic territory that an active pickup would cover.  I was reluctant to fit actives to a Fender Big Apple Strat that is now 17 years old so chose these.  If anybody else has a similar dilemma, and you worship at the altar called metal, buy these because you will not be disappointed.  You will wonder what took you so long. The service I have received from Axetec is ridiculously good. I play guitars but know nothing about the mechanics of them.  Prior to each purchase from Axetec I have sought their advice – the advice was accurate, patiently tailored to my precise query and by return.  Each query answered resulted in a purchase and very rapid delivery.  Forty eight hours from detailed query to receipt cannot be bettered."  Andrew Marsh, Liverpool
"I wanted to beef up my Jackson Kelly, and was originally going to install some Seymour Duncan Black Winters, but they were more than I could afford, so I thought I'd try the IronGear Metal Machines instead. At less than half the price of the Seymour Duncans, I figured that it wouldn't be the end of the world if they weren't exactly what I was after, and I'd actually be able to afford the soldering iron I'd need to install them, too. I'm glad I couldn't afford the Seymour Duncans. The Metal Machines are fantastic pickups. They sound utterly annihilating with a modern metal tone dialled in on my amp, and with a more old-school sound (think Iron Maiden or Judas Priest) they don't sound overpowering or too compressed. The high mid output of the pickups makes them really punchy. They also sound great clean, especially when coil split - I'm getting some lovely Tele-like tones out of my Jackson now. All in all, if you're after a pair of humbuckers to kick your metal tones up a notch, DEFINITELY consider these, they're well worth the (tiny, for such high-output pickups) cost." - Adam Rose-Nash, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
"My name is Alejandro, alias Jandertaker, from Lleida, a little city near Barcelona, I am a guitar player, composer and guitar luthier. For my last new guitar, I acquired Metal Machine pickups. I knew your Hammer Head pickups, I like a lot, and expected the same quality.... but... man, your new pickups are brutal!  So excellent! High gain, so expressive, great clearness even the wildest riff, and brutal definition. IronGear, you have gained me like a guitar player and luthier!" - Alejandro, Lleida, Barcelona
"I just bought a Metal Machine bridge pickup. First thing I noticed is the Quality on these are fantastic. The build on these look like Gibson's even the maple spacers! Sound wise WOW O WOW. These are not fantastic pickups for the price.These are fantastic pickups at ANY price! How we can pay so much more for big brands and these are easily as good. So much clarity, definition and BALLS. Keep up the good work guys! I will be back for more." - Nick Evans, S.Wales (21/6/16)
Price & Availability
The Metal Machine is the first pickup from IronGear that has been specifically designed for Metal. From the gut churning bottom end, through the mid-range roar, to the smooth highs. It screams with precision, clarity and power and cuts through high-gain settings with amazing definition.
Featuring a Ceramic Y30 magnet and a bridge pickup wound to 21 k Ohms, the Metal Machine really packs a punch. This is our most powerful passive pickup and works brilliantly for both standard and drop-tunings.
We make the Metal machine with a choice of black or white open coils and black or chrome hex pole-pieces.
irongear_pickups034014.jpg irongear_metal_machine_black-chrome_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_metal_machine_white-black_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_metal_machine_black-black_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_metal_machine_black-chrome_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_pickups034012.gif irongear_metal_machine_white-chrome_pair_78_v01.jpg
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